Loco Express

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars move
RPG Loco Express.png
Loco Express
Used by Booster
Type Physical
Attack power 4 x normal damage
Effect None
Element Neutral
Target One enemy
Blockable No

Loco Express is an attack used exclusively by Booster in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The attack involves Booster getting on a toy train and ramming into a party member. This attack causes severe damage if not blocked.

In the remake's post-game boss match, Booster has a more powerful form of this attack called Loco Express 023 that hits all three party members for 9999 damage and cannot be blocked.[1]

Names in other languages[edit]

Loco Express
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ばくれつきかんしゃ
Bakuretsu Kikansha
Exploding Locomotive

Chinese (simplified) 爆裂机关车
Bàoliè jīguānchē
Exploding Locomotive

Chinese (traditional) 爆裂機關車
Bàoliè jīguānchē
Exploding Locomotive

Dutch Ontsporing
French (NOA) Loco Express
French (NOE) Loco express
German Borstolok
Portmanteau of Borsto ("Booster") and Lokomotive ("locomotive")
Italian Espresso matto
Crazy express
Korean 폭주기관차
Runaway Locomotive

Spanish Expreso letal
Lethal Express
Loco Express 023
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ばくれつブキ023[2]
Bakuretsu Buki 023
Exploding Buki 023; "Buki" refers to Booster's train,「ブキ96」(Buki 96), while "023" refers to the remake's release year.

Chinese (simplified) 爆裂武奇023
Bàoliè Wǔqí 023
Exploding Booster 023

Chinese (traditional) 爆裂武奇023
Bàoliè Wǔqí 023
Explosive Booster 023

Dutch Treinramp
French Loco-commotion
Locomotive concussion
German Borstolok 023
Italian Treno matto 023[3]
Crazy train 023
Korean 팡팡부키023
Pangpang Buki 023
Boom-Boom Booster 023

Spanish Expreso final 023
Final express 023


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