Healing Rainbow

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Super Mario RPG move
Image of a Triple Move involving Mario, Mallow, and Princess Peach, from Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch)
Healing Rainbow
Used by Mario
Type Magic
Magic power ?
Effect Healing
Element Neutral
Target All allies
Damage reduced N/A
Healing Rainbow menu icon
Menu icon

Healing Rainbow is a Triple Move in Super Mario RPG for the Nintendo Switch that is used when Mallow and Peach are present in Mario's party. It acts as a full party heal, including to fallen party members. When used, a cutscene plays out under a dark and stormy sky in which Mario and Peach channel energy into Mallow, who focuses the energy and fires it into the air. The energy blast clears the clouds and creates a rainbow as all three characters smile.


  • Battle menu description: Rainbow power greatly heals anyone. Can even revived down allies!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Arcobaleno curativo Healing rainbow