Tadpole Pond

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Tadpole Pond
Mario and the Frog Sage meeting at Tadpole Pond
First appearance Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (1996)
Latest appearance Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch) (2023)
Greater location Tadpole Pond Region

Tadpole Pond is a large pond found in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and its Switch remake. This is the home of the Frog Sage, as well as the home of Mallow. He watches over the tadpoles that live in the pond. The western part is also the location of the two special shops known as the Juice Bar and the "Frog Coin" emporium. Tadpole Pond also houses Melody Bay, where Toadofsky is waiting for inspiration. Tadpole Pond features spring-like weather throughout the year, which attracts "sun worshippers" from all over the world.[1] Additionally, many "music buffs" enjoy the pond's popular steel-drum music that plays in the background, as well as the many compositions of Toadofsky.[1]

As Mario and Mallow arrive at Tadpole Pond from the Midas River, they are greeted by the Frog Sage. The Frog Sage tells Mallow that the former was not really his grandfather but that he found him as a baby and adopted him. He tells Mallow to look for his real parents. He sends Mario and Mallow to Rose Town.

When Mario and his party return to Tadpole Pond after saving Princess Peach, they find the Frog Sage depressed because of Mallow leaving. After Mario and his party cheer him up with his favorite food, Cricket Pie, the Frog Sage says he has heard of a Star Piece falling onto Star Hill. This is the last time Mario and his party have to visit Tadpole Pond.

In the book Mario and the Incredible Rescue, Mario, Luigi, and Toad go through Tadpole Pond on their journey.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ケロケロ
Kerokero Ko
From「ケロケロ」(kerokero, onomatopoeia for frog's croaking) and「湖」(ko, lake); rendered "The Lake Kerokero" in the Shogakukan guide[2]

Chinese 呱呱湖
Guāguā Hú
Croak Lake

Dutch Kikkervisvijver
French Lac aux Têtards
Tadpole Lake
German Quappenquell
From "Kaulquappe" (tadpole) and "Quell" (spring)
Italian Lago Girino[3]
Tadpole Lake
Korean 개굴개굴 호수
Gaegul-gaegul Hosu
Croak Lake

Spanish Estanque Renacuajo
Tadpole Pond


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