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Mario in Nimbus Castle

Nimbus Castle[1] is the home of King Nimbus, Queen Nimbus, and their many pet birds in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Normally, it is open to the public, but when first visited during the game, it has been occupied by the vain former advisor Valentina who is enacting a plan to gain control of Nimbus Land. To that end, she has closed it off and replaced the guards with her hired monsters. In order to get inside, Mario is disguised by the sculptor Garro among many statues Valentina ordered of herself. After getting inside, Mario first needs to avoid or fight Dodo.

The castle has a confusing layout, and some of the statues are not of Valentina, but of Birdies, which reveal themselves to actually be real ones in disguise - like Mario - and attack if approached. Many Pinwheels also appear to blow him around, though they also serve as a distraction for the Sling Shies. Certain doors are guarded by a Jawful or Big Troopa, marking one of the few times in the game where "big" enemies appear on the overworld.

The former staff can be found in a guarded room. Speaking to a former guard gets the Castle Key 1, which can be used to open a door to where Beezo is watering a giant egg called Shelly. After Beezo fails to escape due to the next door also being locked, Shelly asks Mario and company to "play" with it; during the ensuing battle, it hatches into Birdo. Upon defeat, Birdo gives the Castle Key 2 and returns to being inside Shelly, while Mario and the party find that Valentina is holding a supposedly bedridden King Nimbus locked in a small room. Shy Away informs Valentina of Mario's approach, and she, Beezo, and Dodo flee. In the halls after, Dodo is seen again patrolling with several Bluebirds, though they can be simply defeated with a nearby Starman. Continuing causes Mario to fall from a door in the side of the castle, falling through the topmost section of the Big Vine.

Once Valentina has been run off, the castle returns to the control of the Nimbus royalty, it is reopened to the public, all the monsters are removed, the Valentina statues are replaced with King Nimbus statues, and Shelly's room now has statues of all of Mario's group.


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Note: All enemies disappear after Valentina is defeated

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マシュマロの宮殿きゅうでん[2]
Mashumaro Kyūden
Marshmallow Palace
French (NOA) Château de Nimbus Nimbus Castle
French (NOE) Palais de Nimbus Nimbus Palace
German Schloss Nimbus Nimbus Castle
Italian Castello di Nimbus Nimbus Castle
Korean 마시멜로 성
Masimello Seong
Marshmallow Palace
Spanish Castillo de Nimbus Nimbus Castle


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