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The Ocean Fest from Paper Mario: Color Splash
Mario playing Toad Shuffle at Oceanfest
“It's a big festival where we celebrate the ocean and get down with our bad selves!”
Toad, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Oceanfest is an event located at Bloo Bay Beach in Paper Mario: Color Splash. After Mario enters the area, a Toad informs him of the event. Huey is surprised that the Toads are hosting the event despite the missing Big Paint Stars. The event begins as Surfing Kinopio is about to sail to the edge of the world.

At Oceanfest are a cafe and a stage where Mario can participate in activities held by the Five Fun Guys. The first game is Toad and Go Seek, while the second is Toad Shuffle. A Slurp Guy is in the cafe's line, who Mario can fight by talking to him. The signature drink of Oceanfest is the Frozen Bloo Royale, available at the cafe. Behind the cafe is Luigi in the shower. Hitting the shower stall with Mario's hammer causes Luigi to respond by knocking. Cutout can be used to get a coin bonus. Blissful Beach is found near Oceanfest, but it requires a key to access it. After Mario receives the key, the 555th annual Oceanfest concludes.


Audio.svg Onstage at Oceanfest - Plays at the Oceanfest square
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Festivague Portmanteau of "festival" and "vague" (wave)
Italian Festivalmar Portmanteau of "festival" and "mar" (sea)
Russian Праздник океана
Prazdnik okeana
Ocean Holiday
Spanish (NOA) Festival Alamar Festival Alamar; Alamar is a shortened form of "a la mar", which means "to the sea".
Spanish (NOE) Festival Estival Summer Festival