Ski Jumping Large Hill

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Ski Jumping Large Hill
Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
Info Ski down a large ramp and jump. The player with the highest combined total of points from distance and balance wins.

Ski Jumping Large Hill is an Event that appears in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. The objective of the event is to achieve the largest total point score from performing a pair of ski jumps, with the event taking place at the RusSki Gorki Jumping Center. Toads and Chao appear as referees in this event.


In this event, the player starts by swinging the Wii Remote down. While the player waits to start, a windsock will be visible to the character's left, allowing the player to judge the current windspeed before starting. Jumping with a stronger wind will allow the character to achieve larger distances. Once the player has started, they can hold B Button while travelling down the jump to build up power ready for when they take off. Beginning to build up the power at the right time will allow the character to perform a much longer jump. Once the player reaches the end of the jump, they must swing the Wii Remote upwards to take off. The closer the character is to the end of the jump when the player swings the remote, the further they will be able to jump, though jumping too late will cause the character to perform a much shorter jump instead. Once in the air, the player can ride updrafts by steering the character towards them and tilting the Wii Remote in the same direction to gain a boost of height and distance, with the size of the boost proportional to the length of time the updraft was ridden for. Once the character begins to approach the ground, the player can land by thrusting the Wii Remote to the right in a pose resembling the telemark form. The closer the character is to the ground when the landing is made, the more balance points the player will earn and the better the landing will be, however doing so too late will cause the character to fall over. Once the jump is complete, the player will get a point score and a ranking from C to A+ for both their distance and balance, as well as a combined score for the jump. The character with the largest combined point score after two jumps wins the event.



  • Let's begin with how to hold the Wii Remote Plus for Ski Jumping Large Hill.
  • In this event, you control the upper body stance of your character with the Wii Remote Plus.


  1. Start
    Let's go over how to start.
    You can start whenever you want after the "Start!" signal is given by swinging the Wii Remote Plus.
    Watch the windsock on the upper left of the TV screen to see how strong the wind is.
    The stronger the wind is blowing when you start the more distance you can get.
    Try practising the start now.
  2. Skiing
    Let's talk about skiing down the ramp.
    After starting, you'll begin sliding swiftly down the jump ramp. The yellow zone at the end of the jump ramp is the jump area.
    When you reach the jump area, press and hold B Button to build up power.
    The more power you build up, the longer you can jump.
    Try sliding down the jump ramp now.
  3. Jumping
    Let's talk about the jump.
    To jump, swing the Wii Remote Plus up at the end of the jump ramp.
    The closer you are to the end of the ramp when you jump, the more distance you'll get.
    Try performing a jump now.
  4. Mid-air Flight
    Next let's talk about flying through the air.
    When you jump high, winds will be blowing in the sky.
    Tilt the Wii Remote Plus left and right to move left and right in mid-air.
    Move towards an updraft, and then angle the Wii Remote Plus to match the updraft to get a big boost.
    Try riding an updraft now.
  5. Landing
    Let's talk about landing.
    The pose on the right side of the TV screen shows a Telemark landing, the landing style for ski jumping.
    To land, hold the Wii Remote Plus and spread your arms out to the sides in a Telemark landing pose.
    Strike the pose just before landing for more points.
    Try performing a landing now.

Control Hints[edit]

  • The closer to the ground you are when you perform your landing, the more balance points you will earn.
  • A strong wind will always blow as you wait to start your run. The moment the wind picks up, don't miss our opportunity to start. Starting with a strong wind will help you achieve a longer jump.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スキージャンプラージヒル
Sukī Janpu Rāji Hiru
Ski Jumping Large Hill