Hole-In-One Curling

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Hole-In-One Curling
The Hole in One signal on Hole-In-One Curling. (Direct capture from Wii U)
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
Info One team member rides a large stone, while the other pushes it toward the goal. The team that gets there with the fewest pushes wins.

Hole-In-One Curling is a Dream Event that appears in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. The objective of the event is to reach the house in the fewest pushes, with the event taking place in the Green Hill Zone.


In this event, the player can choose to play two, three or four holes. The player uses two characters for this event, on to push the stone, and the other to ride on it, with the characters changing positions after each hole. On each throw, the player starts by using either the left stick or ZL Button and ZR Button on the GamePad to angle the stone, and can throw it by touching and holding it on the touch screen before sliding a line away from it to decide the power of the throw. The further the player slides, the further the stone will go. Once the stone starts moving, the player controls the movement of the stone by tilting the GamePad or Wii Remote left or right to move the stone left or right, or can make the stone speed up or slow down by tilting the controller forwards or backwards respectively. The further the player tilts in a direction, the further the stone will go. The aim of the event is to land the stone on the house at the end of the hole in the fewest throws. If the player hits the flag and bounces out of the house however, they will not complete the hole on that turn. If the stone falls off the course, the stone will be returned to the original throw location at the beginning of the next throw. The player that takes the fewest throws to reach the house after all of the holes wins.

The course features several obstacles, including simple ones such as trees and rocks that simply act as a barrier to the stones. Dash Panels give the stones a speed boost in the direction they point in by passing over them, but are constantly moving unless temporarily stopped by touching them on the Wii U GamePad. Dash Panels on ramps also allow players to jump over certain sections of the course. Springs bounce stones further than standard obstacles when hit. Deep snow and mud both simply slow stones down when passed through, with the latter slowing down stones significantly more than the former. Hole 3 includes ice blocks that can be destroyed upon impact and slow stones down when hit, and do not reappear when destroyed. Hole 4 features sets of totems that will occasionally fall down when the player approaches them, which sections of can be destroyed by the player by tapping them on the touch screen. Destroying each segment takes several taps, and once the totem hits the floor no more segments of it can be destroyed. Segments on the floor then act as a simple obstacles, though will disappear before the player's next throw.


Hole number Image Description
1 Hole 1 of Hole-In-One Curling event A hole with two routes, one longer flat route featuring several Springs and areas of deep snow, and a shorter route that requires a jump to be made using a Dash Panel.
2 Hole 1 of Hole-In-One Curling event A hole with two routes. After an initial stretch of deep snow, there is a rotating platform with Dash Panel ramps, giving players the option of jumping to a shorter route with a single Spring and some more deep snow, or a longer route with less snow but various obstacles in the way and another single spinning Dash Panel. The ramps can also be used to make larger jumps to skip other sections of the course.
3 Hole 3 of Hole-In-One Curling event A hole that takes place in a shallow half pipe, featuring several Springs and blocks of ice that can be destroyed on the way down. The sides also feature palm trees and Springs. Around the house, there are patches of deep snow and mud.
4 Hole 4 of Hole-In-One Curling event A hole with curved paths on different levels, with Springs by the hole and moving Dash Panels throughout. Small patches of mud and deep snow appear along the hole. The hole also features falling totems along the sides, which can be destroyed on the Touch Screen to prevent them from blocking the path.



  • Let's begin with hot to hold the Wii U GamePad and Wii Remote Plus for Hole-In-One Curling.
  • This event is played with one player pushing the stone and another riding it.
  • In single player mode, you control both the pusher and rider and play using only the Wii U GamePad.
  • In co-op play, one player will be pushing the stone and another riding it. Players will change positions after each hole.
  • In co-op play, only the person riding the stone will hold the Wii Remote Plus vertically.


  1. Aiming
    Let's talk about how to aim the stone.
    Press ZL Button or ZR Button on the Wii U GamePad or use the Left Stick to turn the direction of the stone left or right.
    Try changing the direction you want to push the stone now.
  2. Pushing the Stone
    Let's talk about pushing the stone.
    To push the stone, first touch the stone on the Wii U GamePad touch screen.
    Keep your finger on the stone, and slide it out.
    Slide a long distance for a strong push, or use a short, slow slide for a weaker push.
    Try pushing the stone now.
  3. Rider's Controls
    Let's talk about how to control the stone while riding it.
    The stone rider can tilt their body left or right to adjust how the stone curves after the push.
    Tilt the Wii U GamePad left or right, and the character riding the stone will also lean left or right. The stone will curve in the direction that the character is leaning.
    Tilt forward or back to affect the stone's speed and distance.
    In co-op mode, tilt your body and the Wii Remote Plus left or right to move the stone left or right.
    Try riding the stone now.
  4. Supporting the Stone
    Let's talk about supporting the stone.
    When two people are playing cooperatively, the pusher can use the Wii U GamePad to provide special support while the stone is sliding.
    For example, they can use the Wii U GamePad touch screen to touch a dash panel on the map to stop its movement.
    Try stopping a dash panel now.

Control Hints[edit]

  • The direction or the stripes on the course changes each time you play and affects the stone's movement. Keep it in mind when you throw.