Bowser's Hit-or-Missile Mania

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Bowser's Hit-or-Missile Mania
Bowser's Hit-or-Missile Mania from Mario Party: Star Rush
Appears in Mario Party: Star Rush
Type Boss Battle minigame
Music track BGM MGN712 OP

Bowser's Hit-or-Missile Mania is a Boss Battle minigame in Mario Party: Star Rush. It is one of the three Bowser-themed Boss Battle minigames in that game. The minigame name is a play on the phrase "hit or miss".


Bowser rushes to the players while laughing.


Players need to mash A Button to fill up a meter that launches missiles at Bowser. The meter goes in three tiers: one missile, two missiles, and three missiles. When a tier is reached, the player launches the number of missiles indicated, and can continue mashing A Button to go to the next tier, until the player has launched three missiles, which resets to zero. Players receive one point for every missile hitting Bowser. In the meantime, Bowser launches missiles at players, where players need to press B Button to deploy the shield to protect themselves from the missiles; while the shield is up, players cannot mash A Button. If the missiles strike the player, the player gets stunned and loses one point. The missile meter also slowly resets to zero if it got filled up in the meantime, so when the players recover, they have to fill the meter up again.

When Bowser has half of his HP depleted, he gets angry and turns his shell machine into a mech. Here, he tosses much faster black Spiked Balls at the player, as well as lobbing the red Spiked Balls out of sight, where the only indication that it is coming is the alarm sound effect. If the player deals the final blow to Bowser, the player earns a bonus three points.


Bowser's mech malfunctions, falls apart into space and explodes, launching Bowser far away, leaving behind a twinkle in space. In Toad Scramble, Bowser drops two Stars.


  • Mash A Button: Charge missile
  • B Button: Move shield

In-game text[edit]

  • On-screen – "Beat Bowser!"
  • On-screen (Before game starts) – "Mash A Button to launch missiles!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Arsenal spatial de Bowser
Bowser's Space Arsenal
Italian Spara o para
Shoot or save
Spanish (NOE) Cruce de misiles con Bowser
Missile Firing with Bowser