Greedy Eats

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Greedy Eats
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Appears in Mario Party: Star Rush
Type Free-for-All

Greedy Eats is a Free-for-All minigame in Mario Party: Star Rush.


Players must choose one of two dishes with Yoshi Cookies. If more than one player choose the same plate, they will have to split the cookies. A player needs one cookie to get one point. After a five rounds, the minigame is over and whoever got the highest score is the winner.


  • B Button/A Button: Confirm

In-game text[edit]

"Pick a plate, and try to get the most cookies!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かけひきクッキー
Kakehiki kukkī
Cookie Haggling
Spanish Gula galletera Cookie greediness
French Partage Gourmand Gluttonous Sharing
German Gierig gewinnt? Greedy wins?
Italian Rubabiscotto Cookie thief