One-Stop Toad Shop

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One-Stop Toad Shop
One-Stop Toad Shop from Mario Party: Star Rush
Appears in Mario Party: Star Rush
Type Coin Chaos minigame
Time limit 60 seconds (in Coinathlon), 180 seconds (in Minigames)
Initial record 150

One-Stop Toad Shop is a Coin Chaos minigame in Mario Party: Star Rush.


Players need to deliver one or two of the following items to the Toad customers: Super Mushroom, Super Leaf, Super Acorn, Fire Flower, or Ice Flower. At the beginning, Toads request for only one item, but as the minigame goes on, they eventually request for two items. Toads who request for more items spend more coins. Players can carry up to three items at once, and if they have one item a Toad wants as they have more than one item, the Toad accepts the one item. If the players are too slow in obtaining the items for the Toad, the money they pay eventually decreases. Some Toads also pay Red Coins, which are worth more than Yellow Coins. When an item box spawns, players can access it by simply going over it as they are delivering items.


  • Level 1: Toads mostly ask for one item and pay up with only Yellow Coins.
  • Level 2: More Toads ask for two items while some Toads pay Red Coins.
  • Level 3: Many Toads ask for two items and many Toads pay Red Coins.


  • Circle Pad: Move
  • A Button: Grab/deliver item
  • B Button: Reset tray

In-game text[edit]

"Deliver the items!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いそいでアイテムショップ
Isoide aitemu shoppu
Hasty Item Shop
French Service ultra-rapide Super-fast service
Spanish (NOE) Clientela exigente Exigent Clientele/Clientage