Dodge Fuzzy, Get Dizzy

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Dodge Fuzzy, Get Dizzy
MarioPartyStarRush -DodgeFuzzyGetDizzy.jpg
Appears in Mario Party: Star Rush
Type Free-for-All minigame
Initial record 0:30.000

Dodge Fuzzy, Get Dizzy is a Free-for-All minigame in Mario Party: Star Rush. Its name is a reference to the Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island level, Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy. This minigame, alongside Jump to Conclusion, are the only Free-for-All minigames in the game with a record system.


Players must rotate the screw on the bottom portion of the screen using the stylus to ascend the platform. If players hit a Fuzzy, they will be momentarily stunned. Whichever player reaches the top wins the minigame.


  • Spin Stylus: Climb upwards
  • Touch Stylus: Stop climbing

In-game text[edit]

  • On-screen"Spin, spin, spin to reach the top!"
  • Pause screen"Spin the screw to reach the top!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese のぼってネジ式リフト
Nobotte neji-shiki rifuto
Climb the Screw Lift
Spanish (NOE) Giro sin respiro Breathless spin
French (NOE) Montée tourbillonnante Swirling rise
Dutch Doorgedraaid Exhausted
German Schraub und Stopp Screw and stop
Italian Avvitamento folle Screwing crowds
Portuguese (NOE) Rodopios e Carracitas Twirls and Fuzzies
Russian Кругом голова
Krugom golova
Around the head