Conveyor Meltdown

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Conveyor Meltdown
Conveyor Meltdown from Mario Party: Star Rush
Appears in Mario Party: Star Rush
Type Coin Chaos minigame
Time limit 60 seconds (in Coinathlon), 180 seconds (in Minigames)
Initial record 150
Music track BGM MG009 TRACK 0 / BGM MG009 TRACK 1 (alternates between the two)

Conveyor Meltdown is a Coin Chaos minigame in Mario Party: Star Rush.


Players need to sort two different Mushrooms, Mushrooms and Golden Mushrooms, between four containers. They can control the conveyors by switching directions and changing the speed. Super Mushrooms, when correctly sorted, grant one coin each while Golden Mushrooms grant three. Incorrectly sorted Mushrooms cause the machine to stop for a brief moment. In later levels, Red Coins appear and can be placed in any container. Item boxes can appear if players earn enough coins, and they also can be placed in any container.


  • Level 1: Only Mushrooms and Golden Mushrooms appear.
  • Level 2: Red Coins appear.
  • Level 3: There are more Red Coins.


  • Circle Pad: Move belts left or right
  • A Button: Speed up belts

In-game text[edit]

"Sort the Mushrooms!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふりわけコンベアー
Furiwake konbeā
Sorting Conveyor
French (NOA) Tapis roulants trieurs Conveyor belts' sorters
French (NOE) Champis aux tapis Mushrooms at conveyors (pun on the expression au tapis, meaning "fall apart")
Italian Funghi al loro posto Mushrooms in their place
Spanish (NOE) Producción en cadena Mass Production