Blizzard's Basecamp

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Blizzard's Basecamp in the SNES version
Blizzard's Basecamp in the GBA version

Blizzard's Basecamp is the home of Blizzard in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! It is located in the northwestern portion of K3. Hidden to the immediate west of the base camp is Glacial Grotto.

Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong only need to visit Blizzard's Base Camp once. When they do, Blizzard will ask them to deliver a Present to Blue for his birthday. After getting the Present, there is no real need for the Kongs to return to Blizzard's Basecamp.

The SNES version of the game has Blizzard's Basecamp as a dark log cabin with some gear on the wall, whereas the GBA version has the building as a well-lit and furnished cabin with a fireplace.