Ice Age Alley

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Ice Age Alley
Ice Age Alley
Level code 4 - 3 (SNES & GBC)
4 - 4 (GBA)
Game Donkey Kong Country
Music track Northern Hemispheres
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Ice Age Alley is the nineteenth level of Donkey Kong Country and twentieth in the Game Boy Advance remake. It is the third level of Gorilla Glacier, or the fourth in the remake (as its position was swapped with Croctopus Chase). This level has two Expresso Crates in all but the Game Boy Color version.


Ice Age Alley is a continuation of a snowstorm that started in Snow Barrel Blast; the weather effect works in reverse, as the snowstorm slowly clears up until finally stopping at the end. As a result, the screen is less visible from the snowy effect, but slowly clears up as the level progresses.

In this level, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have to trudge up the level on slippery ground. They must cross over pitfalls by swinging on ropes and jumping on bouncy tires. Enemies that the Kongs encounter include: Kritters, Klaptraps, Manky Kongs, Neckys, and Mini-Neckys. The Kongs can optionally ride Expresso through the level, as his animal crate is located on a platform behind the level entrance. The Kongs can use Expresso to glide over the pitfalls and even reach a normally unreachable Bonus Barrel.


The primates stand in the middle of the level

The level begins on a flat piece of land. If the Kongs travel backtrack of ground from here, they can find a Mini-Necky, the first DK Barrel in the level, and a platform with the Expresso Crate. The letter K and a tire, used to help the heroes jump back up to the main path, are also present here. If the primates travel east along the main path, they can find a hill leading up to an alcove with another Mini-Necky in it. They can swing over the space in the ground with the use of a nearby rope. After traveling up another hill and passing a lone Kritter, the Kongs reach a wide gap with a rope swinging above it. With the assistance of a Necky that they can bounce on, they can cross the gap and land on a raised piece of land.

A flat pathway is located at a lower elevation ahead of this area, and a few Neckys soar above it. After the heroes pass a Mini-Necky and climb over a hill at the end of the flat surface, they encounter an abyss with another rope hanging over it. They can swing over the abyss onto a curved piece of land with a Mini-Necky and a DK Barrel on top of it. A steep hill follows, but there are two deep gaps along it that the heroes can fall through. A Klaptrap marches along the platform floating between the two gaps. Three ropes swing over a abyss nearby. When the gap is crossed, the duo approaches a small gap with the letter O in it. A Mini-Necky attacks from a higher piece of land on the other side of the small pit. Another abyss is present ahead with a Blast Barrel near the end of it. A Continue Barrel floats above it, which can be reached with the use of a rope.

The Blast Barrel immediately blasts the heroes onto a flat, solid surface with a gap ahead of it. A platform supporting a Klaptrap and a DK Barrel can be found above the dangerous pit. The Kongs can find a slippery hill ahead of them that they must slide down as a Manky Kong hurls barrels at them. Once they reach the bottom of the hill, they can find another large gap ahead of them. A platform with a tire on it is placed in the center of the abyss, and two ropes surround it. With the aid of the ropes, the heroes can cross and land on a slanted platform. Another slanted platform floats in an abyss. The slanted area continues on the opposite side of the pit. Once at the top of the hill, the heroes can find a flat ledge below them with a steel keg resting on it. Two snowy platforms supporting Klaptraps are in a gap ahead. The letter N is located on a hidden platform near here. A DK Barrel wobbles in a flat pathway after the two platforms. If the primates climb to a top of the hill that follows this barrel, they encounter a Manky Kong, who tries to hit them with barrels. A gap with a rope dangling above it follows with a Necky at the end of it.

A trio of slippery platforms with the letter G near them are also ahead. After passing the three platforms, Donkey and Diddy Kong make their way onto a solid piece of land with a sign on it, indicating that they are almost done with the level. As they continue through the level, they tread up a steep hill with a pair of gaps in it. A Manky Kong throws barrels at the heroes as they climb the lower part of the slope. A slanted pathway leading downwards can be found from the top of this hill, which a Klaptrap walks along. At the bottom of the hill, a gap can be found with a Banana Bunch in it. Once the gap is crossed, the primates can find the entrance to an igloo next to an exit sign. If they enter the igloo, the level is completed.


Sprite Name Count
A sprite of a Klaptrap in Donkey Kong Country Klap Trap 7
A blue Kritter. Kritter (blue, bouncing) 1
Manky Kong in Donkey Kong Country. Manky Kong 3
A Mini-Necky in Donkey Kong Country. Mini-Necky 5
Necky.png Necky (flying) 5


Sprite Name Amount
Sprite of a Banana Bunch from the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy Banana Bunch 1
Sprite of a DK Barrel in Donkey Kong Country. DK Barrel 4
A steel keg from Donkey Kong Country. Steel keg 1

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Letter Location
Ice Age Alley in Donkey Kong Country Located in an area behind the starting point, with the Expresso Crate.
Ice Age Alley The letter O is floating over a pit, in between two platforms, after swinging from a set of three ropes.
Ice Age Alley The letter N is located on a high-raised platform with the second Bonus Barrel, directly on the left side. It can only be reached with assistance from Expresso.
Ice Age Alley in Donkey Kong Country After the second Bonus Area, the Kongs must pass a Manky Kong and swing from a rope. The letter G floats high above the second narrow platform.


Item Location
The sprite of a DK Sticker Pack from Donkey Kong Country on Game Boy Color.
DK Sticker Pack (GBC version)
Buried in a floating ice platform located just after the letter G. A green banana floats over the platform, indicating the location.
Sprite of a photograph from both Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country on Game Boy Advance.
Photograph (GBA version)
Shortly after the Continue Barrel, the Kongs swing from a set of three ropes. They can jump down between the second and third icy cliffs to obtain the photograph, and then use a Blast Barrel to go back on course. The photograph is the second photo of page 11, depicting a group artwork of Donkey Kong and Diddy traveling through a snow-themed area.

Bonus Areas[edit]

Image Type and location
Ice Age Alley in Donkey Kong Country Collect the Bananas!
The first Bonus Barrel is located on a high-raised platform, after crossing the stage's first wide gap. The Kongs can only reach the Bonus Area after bouncing on a few Neckys in succession. The Bonus Area consists of a small room with fast-spinning Barrel Cannons arranged in a 3×3 array. The Kongs can blast into a trail of bananas by blasting from barrel to barrel. An Expresso Token is centered between the seven Barrel Cannons. The stage exit is on a platform at the southeast corner, which has another Expresso Crate (but is absent from the Game Boy Color remake).
Ice Age Alley Stop the Barrel!
To reach the second Bonus Area, the Kongs must ride Expresso from either animal crate and avoid enemies along the way. Later in the level, after passing the Continue Barrel, the Kongs and Expresso must cross over two large pits. The Kongs must stop on a ledge with a steel keg next to it, then have Expresso glide from it, all the way to the Bonus Barrel on a high platform.

The Bonus Area consists of three barrels rotating between an image of a red, green, or blue Donkey Kong Balloon. The Kongs must match the type of balloon color for every barrel, to be rewarded with that type. The Kongs lose if they do not properly align the images.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System[edit]

Game Boy Color[edit]

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふたたびふぶきの谷
Futatabi Fubuki no Tani
Blizzard Valley Again
French Allée de l'Ere Glaciaire (SNES)
Allée Polaire (GBC)
Ice Age Alley
Polar Alley
German Eiszeit-Allee Ice Age Avenue
Italian Via Glaciale Glacial Street
Spanish Callejón de Hielo Ice Alley