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DK Sticker Pack
A DK Sticker Pack in Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy Color.
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color) (2000)

DK Sticker Packs,[1] also named sticker packs,[2] are collectible stickers that appear in the Game Boy Color remake of Donkey Kong Country. They are the predecessor to the Photographs from the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2. A DK Sticker Pack is buried in a specific level of each world. They can either be unearthed by Donkey Kong's Hand Slap or if a Kong falls on its cache from a high altitude. A nearby DK Sticker Pack is indicated by a green banana, which turns into its normal color if the DK Sticker Pack was collected.

Every collected DK Sticker Pack can be viewed from the Sticker Book on the menu selection. There are a total of 18 DK Sticker Packs: two of the Sticker Book's photographs are made up of two DK Sticker Packs each, and another two photos are made up of four DK Sticker Packs each. The remaining six display their own photograph individually. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are required to collect every DK Sticker Pack for 101% completion. The player has the option to print each sticker from the Game Boy Printer peripheral.

After the Kongs defeat King K. Rool at Gangplank Galleon, they unlock two self-explanatory options for adventure mode: "STAR BARRELS OFF" and "DK BARRELS OFF". Each mode has six newly-hidden DK Sticker Packs in a different level of the world.


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Normal mode[edit]

Level Location
The DK Sticker Pack location in Jungle Hijinxs in the Game Boy Color port of Donkey Kong Country.
Jungle Hijinxs
In a ledge to the left of the level exit.
The DK Sticker Pack location in Stop & Go Station in the Game Boy Color port of Donkey Kong Country.
Stop & Go Station
In a pit right of the letter N, which is guarded by a Klap Trap.
Forest Frenzy In a ledge after the pit with the letter O.
Ice Age Alley In an icy platform located after the one with the letter G.
Oil Drum Alley In a platform above the level exit.
Necky Nutmare Guarded by a Mini-Necky at the end of a pit, left of the Star Barrel.

Star Barrels off[edit]

Level Location
Barrel Cannon Canyon After the second Banana trio in a ledge preceding the Star Barrel.
Millstone Mayhem In the first floating tile above a pit shortly after the Star Barrel; the tile can only be reached by a tire.
Orang-utan Gang In the second small pit of a high ledge just after a set of treetops following the letter N. The high ledge can only be reached after finishing the first Bonus Level, which is hidden below the level's starting point.
Slipslide Ride Hidden beneath a Zinger in a ledge left of one with the letter N.
Blackout Basement Beneath the level's entrance.
Manic Mincers Shortly after the letter O are three Mincers, one of which moves quickly between two others. The DK Sticker Pack is next to the first Mincer of the trio.

DK Barrels off[edit]

Level Location
Reptile Rumble In a hump directly below a Zinger and the letter N.
Winky's Walkway In a platform late in the level, to the bottom-left of a Gnawty-spawning black drum.
Tree Top Town In a circular platform hidden below another one; it is a after a small chain of Blast Barrels and Barrel Cannons above an abyss, which itself is after a platform with three bouncing Kritters.
Snow Barrel Blast At the left end of a ledge just before another one with the Star Barrel.
Trick Track Trek In the third high platform after the Star Barrel.
Misty Mine Beneath a Slippa-spawning black drum after the second horizontal rope.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シール


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