Tree Top Town

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Tree Top Town
Donkey and Diddy Kong approaching a Gnawty in Tree Top Town
Level code 3 - 2
World Vine Valley
Game Donkey Kong Country
Music track Treetop Rock
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Tree Top Town is the twelfth level of Donkey Kong Country and the second level of the Vine Valley area. Tree Top Town takes place at a treetop village, where houses and walkways are made of wood and are tacked or bound with ropes to the enormous tree trunks. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have to traverse the treetops by walking across bridges, jumping between treetops, and blast from several Barrel Cannons to cross large abysses. Blue Kritters and Gnawties are the main enemies encountered in the level. In the Game Boy Advance version, more offscreen Barrel Cannons were added to catch the Kongs if they blast off the path.


Tree Top Town Tree Top Town
Tree Top Town's appearance in the Game Boy Color version, top, and Game Boy Advance version, bottom

The Kongs begin the level by exiting a small hut and walking towards a bridge that a Gnawty walks along. As the Kongs walk through the area, a Necky flies over their heads. The primates soon travel to a Barrel Cannon placed on the edge of a platform composed of several planks. It can shoot them over a small abyss and optionally to a DK Barrel. On the other side of the abyss, the Kongs can find another wooden area that wraps around a tree trunk. A Gnawty drops onto it as they approach a large gap full of Barrel Cannons. Each of these Barrel Cannons, with the exception of the stationary Blast Barrel at the end the pit, move in a vertical path when entered, they the Kongs can shoot through each of them to cross the abyss, which is followed by another wooden platform that is structured around a tree trunk.

The platform is connected by another just like it by a bridge that some Gnawties march along. A wide abyss is ahead, and it contains many Barrel Cannons that, with the exception of the Blast Barrel at the end of the pit, move in a horizontal path when entered. The Kongs must blast among the many barrels in order to cross the abyss, which is followed by two sets of wooden platforms that surrounded tree trunks. The letter K hovers over a small pit between them, and a few Gnawties also walk along the second platform. They can discover another wide abyss near here with numerous Barrel Cannons in it. Aside from the Blast Barrel at the beginning of the pit, all of the Barrel Cannons move in diagonal paths, aiming the heroes one barrel to the next. Once they make their way over the abyss, they slam into the level's Continue Barrel.

A raised set of planks follow the Continue Barrel, and they support a lone barrel. After crossing a small pit ahead of here, the Kongs reach a pair of platforms that circle tree trunks. A Blast Barrel is placed between them, and if they enter it, they are blasted up into a Barrel Cannon that moves back ad forth in a horizontal path. The letter O is to the right of this barrel. A bridge holding a DK Barrel connects the platform to the right of the Blast Barrel to another platform composed of planks. The primates can find a wide abyss after it that consists of four Blast Barrels. They must jump in the first of the barrels with good timing, as it immediately blasts them to the next barrel, which moves in a vertical path up and down. The primates can land in the abyss if they do not shoot at it when it is positioned in front of the first Blast Barrel.

Donkey and Diddy Kong can find another platform made of planks ahead of here, and a Gnawty and another Blast Barrel are located on it. The Blast Barrels fires them above a wide abyss towards a few other barrels that they must use to shoot over the remaining part of the hazard. On the other side of the abyss, the Kongs can find a wooden platform that wraps around a tree trunk, which carries a lone Gnawty. Another wide pit is ahead of here, and the Kongs can only cross it with the help of a mixture of Blast Barrels and Barrel Cannons. As they cross, they must make sure to shoot into the Blast Barrels with good timing so they can blast them into the following barrel while it is positioned in the correct place. On the opposite side of the pit, the duo can discover two platforms composed of planks being connected by a long bridge that supports a multitude of hopping Kritters. A barrel also sits on the first of the platforms. An abyss can be found after the platforms that contains three Blast Barrels and a Barrel Cannon.

As they blast over the beginning of the pit, they must hop into the first Blast Barrel so that it blasts them into the next at a good time, due to the second Blast Barrel shooting them into a moving Barrel Cannon that they are able to miss. Another wooden platform that circles a tree trunk follows the abyss. The Kongs can find another pit immediately after it the contains many Barrel Cannons that move back in forth in vertical paths. After using them to cross a great deal of the pit, the heroes reach a Necky that flies above the remaining part of the pit. They are able to blast on top of it to cross the rest of the obstacle, which is followed by a wooden platform. The letter G hovers high above the platform, which holds a tire that can help them bounce to a higher set of planks. A sign can be found on the higher planks, and it indicates that the level is near complete. After the two friends jump over a small pit ahead of here, which contains a Zinger with an Expresso Token above it, they can find an exit sign that is followed by a small hut. The level is completed when they enter it.


The following enemies appear, in the following quantities:

Items and objects[edit]

The following items and objects appear, in the following quantities:

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Tree Top Town
The location of the letter K
  • K: After crossing the first three abysses and first group of three Gnawties, the Kongs can collect the letter K between a small gap.
  • O: Near a Barrel Cannon found shortly after the first abyss from the Continue Barrel. The Kongs can shoot to the letter O from the barrel.
  • N: The letter N is high in the air inside of the second Bonus Level. The Kongs can shoot to it with the bonus's Barrel Cannon.
  • G: Near the end of the level, the Kongs can find an arrow sign pointing the nearby exit. The letter G is located just before it, and the Kongs can reach it by bouncing from a nearby tire or by shooting from a nearby Barrel Cannon on a Necky and jumping off it near the end.

Bonus Levels[edit]

The first Bonus Area of Tree Top Town The N in the second Bonus Level of Tree Top Town from Donkey Kong Country
The first and second Bonus Levels, respectively

Tree Top Town has two Bonus Levels, listed by their type in the Game Boy Advance version:

  • Spell it Out!: At the very start, the Kongs encounter a Necky, who flies to the left at them. They must wait for Necky to fly near the Bonus Barrel to the upper-left of the start, and then jump on Necky to bounce up into it. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs must jump at four different barrels which repeatedly switch between each KONG Letter and a banana. From left to right, the Kongs must jump at each barrel to stop them and spell out "KONG". By doing so correctly, the Kongs are awarded with a Life Balloon. The Kongs exit from the Bonus Level after winning or losing the challenge.
  • Collect the Bananas!: At the second abyss after the Continue Barrel, the Kongs must shoot out of the Barrel Cannon as it moves downward. By doing so, they are caught into a In the last barrel over this abyss, the Kongs should shoot out of the barrel as it moves downwards below the bridge. If timed right, the Kongs blast into the Bonus Barrel. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs must blast from a horizontally moving Barrel Cannon which repeatedly tilts. They can blast from the Barrel Cannon to collect many bananas in midair and the letter N at the top. Once they reach the top, the Kongs quickly descend. They can exit the Bonus Level by missing the Barrel Cannon as they fall.

Warp Barrel[edit]

At the beginning of the level, the Kongs should race towards the first Necky and bounce on it to reach an area above a nearby Barrel Cannon. They can find a Warp Barrel hidden high in the air. The barrel sends them in the area immediately after the letter G. This Warp Barrel does not appear in the remakes.

Other appearances[edit]

In the Donkey Kong Country animated series, Cranky's Cabin is designed in a manner resembling the huts seen in this level.

Notably, artwork of an area called Tree Top Village is available for the Bonus Gallery of Donkey Kong Country Returns. However, this location is unplayable in the actual game and is considered a mere cameo.

Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle[edit]

In the 1995 novel Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle, Tree Top Town is at the edge of Donkey Kong Island's jungle. It used to be an "active ape community" until it became overrun by Kremlings. The Kongs pass through Tree Top Town while making their way on foot to Big Ape City, in order to rescue Funky Kong. Donkey Kong tells the other Kongs to "move quickly and quietly" underneath the platforms, as the wooden tree huts that house the Kremlings were above. However, Cranky Kong insists to take the lead, and he trips on a low vine while charging ahead. This triggers a loud alarm, alerting all Kremlings in Tree Top Town.

Surrounded by Kremlings, Donkey Kong swings from an overhead vine to defeat several of them, as well as using a hand slap. Diddy Kong uses a cartwheel, and Cranky Kong utilizes his cane to strike attacks. It is shown that the Kremlings operate powerful barrel cannons high up in the trees, which fire "dangerous barrels". Donkey Kong uses a tree branch to launch several TNT Drums, destroying the cannons.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese もりのかくれが
Mori no kakurega
Hideout among Woods

French Ville des Cimes d'arbres (SNES)
Arbre-Ville (GBC)
Tree Top Town (SNES)
Tree Town(GBC)
German Die Wipfel Kommune (SNES)
Wipfel-Kommune (GBC)
The Treetop Commune
Italian Città di Sequoie
Town of Redwood
Spanish Pueblo Árbol
Tree Town