Candy's Dance Studio

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Candy's Dance Studio
The exterior of Candy's Dance Studio in Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy Advance.
Appears in Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Advance)
Prize Blue Balloon

Candy's Dance Studio is a minigame hosted by Candy Kong in Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country. It replaces Candy's Save Point from the original Super Nintendo release as the remake gives an option for the player to save their progress from the world map's dropdown menu.

There is a Candy's Dance Studio in every world. The studio has a red and white banner with red and white drapes and a wooden floor, resembling the Save Point from the original game. Candy's Dance Studio is large enough to host a few dancers, and the scenery is different in each world. A Dance Barrel is hovering in front of the dance studio, which Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong jump into to start the minigame.

Like Funky's Fishing, Candy's Dance Studio is also playable from the Bonus mode on the main menu.


Candy's Dance Studio
Gameplay of the Kongo Jungle challenge

Candy's Dance Studio is a simplified version of the Dance Dance Revolution mini-game, only fitted to the Game Boy Advance's button scheme. The Kongs dance to a different song in each world's challenge, and the difficulty increases per world because the player is required to press more buttons. Right as a button icon goes into the white square cursor, the player must immediately press the corresponding button. The game ranks the player judging from how quickly they hit the button. If they do not hit a button while it is in the cursor, a "MISS!" message displays on the screen, and Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong (depending on who is the current leading Kong) do not perform the move in sync with Candy and the other Kong.

There is a bar segment at the bottom of the screen. It is divided into five zones, with red representing the worst performance and bright yellow ("Perfect") representing the best performance (ranging from minimal to no mistakes). When the song ends, the Kongs drop out from the Dance Barrel, and Candy gives them a message on their performance. If Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong get into the "Perfect" zone, Candy rewards them with a Blue Balloon. The first time that the Kongs achieve a perfect score in each world, Candy also gives them a photograph. All six of these photographs are in the 19th and last page of the Scrapbook, and they altogether make up a large photograph of the Kongs and Candy dancing.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャンディーのダンススタジオ
Kyandī no Dansu Sutajio
Candy's Dance Studio

Italian Sala da Ballo Candy
Candy's Ballroom
Spanish Academia Candy
Candy Academy