K. Lumsy

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K. Lumsy
K. Lumsy
Artwork of K. Lumsy from Donkey Kong 64
Species Kremling
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“My name's K. Lumsy, and I've been locked in here because I wouldn't smash up some little island. But how could I? Such a lovely little island, full of cute monkeys - so I said no.”
K. Lumsy, Donkey Kong 64

K. Lumsy is a gigantic, friendly Kremling who appears in Donkey Kong 64. Unlike the other Kremlings, K. Lumsy likes the Kongs and helps them during their adventure. In the Japanese version of Donkey Kong 64, K. Lumsy is said to be King K. Rool's younger brother.[1] K. Lumsy's name is a pun on the word "clumsy".


K. Lumsy celebrating after Donkey Kong agrees to try and rescue him

Prior to the events of Donkey Kong 64, K. Lumsy was ordered by King K. Rool to destroy Kong Isle. K. Lumsy refused to destroy the isle, resulting in him being locked in a prison tethered to Crocodile Isle.

At the start of his adventure, Donkey Kong stumbles upon K. Lumsy's Prison just outside Kong Isle. Donkey Kong enters inside and finds K. Lumsy, who explains his circumstance to him. Donkey Kong agrees to try and free K. Lumsy, who then happily jumps around, causing a small tremor to occur around DK Isles. This destroys a boulder that blocked the entrance to Jungle Japes.

Throughout their adventure, Donkey Kong and the other Kongs must each use a Boss Key to open a padlock of K. Lumsy's cage. Each time they remove a padlock, K. Lumsy boisterously celebrates and causes a tremor that unlocks the path to either one or two levels. After the Kongs obtain the eighth Boss Key and remove the eighth and final padlock, K. Lumsy's cage lifts and thus frees him.

The Kongs riding K. Lumsy in the 101% ending

Just after exiting his prison, K. Lumsy notices an airship, which is small in proportion to K. Lumsy, moving in the air. The airship is the King Kruiser II, which King K. Rool uses to try and escape from DK Isles after the Kongs deactivated the Blast-o-Matic. While chasing the King Kruiser II, K. Lumsy accidentally trips on a rock clumsily (hence his name) and crashes into the airship, which crashes all the way down onto the shore.

After the five Kongs defeat K. Rool in the final boss battle, set inside the King Kruiser II, he is sent flying out his airship. K. Rool crash lands into K. Lumsy's Prison, where K. Lumsy beats him up out of revenge, and sends him flying through the roof of the island.

In the 101% ending, the Kongs are shown riding on K. Lumsy across the surrounding waters of DK Isles.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クランジー


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