Krazy Kong Klamor

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Krazy Kong Klamor
Krazy Kong Klamor in the game Donkey Kong 64.
Gameplay of Krazy Kong Klamor
Appears in Donkey Kong 64
Time limit 60 seconds
Shoot the Golden Banana. Just don't hit any Kongs! A Button to fire the melons, and hit the melon to reload.
In-game instructions

Krazy Kong Klamor is a Bonus Stage found in the game Donkey Kong 64.


Krazy Kong Klamor is set on a two-level platform with the five playable Kongs and the Golden Banana, who are randomly placed in groups of three on each row. The player's objective is to shoot melons at the Golden Banana a given number of times within 60 seconds, while avoiding the Kongs. If the player shoots at a Kong, a 1-point penalty is added to their required number of hits. The light goes out every few seconds, and when it turns back on, the Kongs and Golden Banana are shuffled in different position. Every Kong is shown to be scared from being shuffled except Chunky.

The player can only equip five melons at a time, and they can reload by firing at the center watermelon icon. The player wins once they hit the Golden Banana the required number of times, and the Kong exits the Bonus Barrel with a Golden Banana reward (unless if the Bonus Stage is played at Snide's H.Q.).


The later challenges are either at a faster speed or require the Golden Banana to be hit more times.

Location Kong Hits Speed
Frantic Factory Tiny Kong 10 Hits Slow
Gloomy Galleon Donkey Kong 15 Hits Slow
Fungi Forest Lanky Kong 5 Hits Medium
Crystal Caves Tiny Kong 5 Hits Fast
Snide's H.Q. Any Kong 10 Hits Fast

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いやいや・コング!
Iyaiya kongu!
No, no Kong!


  • This mini-game is nearly impossible to beat in Fast speed in the Wii U Virtual Console version, unless one pauses the game with good timing, aims at the banana and holds A Button, then unpauses, because it was designed to work with limits in the N64 hardware (manifesting as lag, slowdowns and framerate issues) as a crude means of throttling, bringing it to a manageable speed. The Wii U version is not throttled in this way, and is thus much harder than intended.