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Artwork of the seven Star Spirits in Paper Mario
“When you look at the night sky, you'll know that the glittering stars are praising you for your courage.”
Skolar, Paper Mario
Mario confronting the Star Spirits as holograms before their rescue

The Star Spirits consist of Eldstar, Mamar, Skolar, Muskular, Misstar, Klevar and Kalmar. They all appear in Paper Mario and are being held captive by Bowser's followers after Bowser and Kammy Koopa stole their precious Star Rod and turned them into playing cards, because of their ignoring Bowser's selfish wishes.

After Mario rescues them, they give him a special power called Star Beam, which is used to neutralize the effects of the Star Rod, and a ship that they can use to travel to Bowser's Castle. During the final battle with Bowser, due to the effects of Bowser's Power Platform, their Star Beam does not work against him, unless Star Beam is upgraded to Peach Beam when Twink helps Mario out in the battle.

Later, in Mario Party 5, where they are known as Star Guards, it is revealed that they also guard the Dream Depot and all its dreams. They guide the players throughout the game as well. They cameo as a collectible for Mario Party 5 in Mario Party: The Top 100, where they are once again known as the Star Spirits.

The Star Spirits' Names and powers[edit]

  • After Mario rescues the first star spirit Eldstar, he gains a natural ability to Focus. Focus boosts Star Energy.
Name Meaning Location Guarded By Power & SP needed Description

Eldstar PM.png

Eldest Koopa Bros. Fortress Koopa Bros. Refresh, 1 Replenishes Mario's HP and FP by 5 and cures poison.

Mamar PM.png

Motherly Dry Dry Ruins Tutankoopa Lullaby, 1 Puts enemies to sleep for a short time by singing a lullaby.

Skolar PM.png

Scholar Boo's Mansion, originally in Tubba Blubba's Castle Tubba Blubba and Boos Star Storm, 2 Attacks all enemies, damaging 7 HP each.

Muskular PM.png

Muscular Shy Guy's Toy Box General Guy Chill Out, 2 Decreases enemies' attack power by 3.

Misstar PM.png

Miss Star Mt. Lavalava Lava Piranha Smooch, 3 Replenishes Mario's HP by 20 with a kiss.

Klevar PM.png

Clever Cloudy Climb Huff N. Puff Time Out, 2 Immobilizes enemies for a short time.

Kalmar PM.png

Calm Crystal Palace Crystal King Up & Away, 2 Turns enemies into stars, knocking them out of battle. NOTE: Does not work on all enemies.
All Together


Star Spirits Star Haven No one Star Beam/Peach Beam, none Negates the effects of the Star Rod. During the final battle with Bowser, Star Beam has no effect against the Star Rod due to the device Kammy Koopa made. After Princess Peach and Twink defeat Kammy Koopa, this power is upgraded to Peach Beam.

Duties in Mario Party 5[edit]

The seven Star Spirits, in Mario Party 5.
  • Eldstar: Guide of the party mode.
  • Mamar: Guide of the bonus mode.
  • Skolar: Guide of the super-duel mode.
  • Muskular: Guide of the minigame mode.
  • Misstar: Guide of the story mode.
  • Klevar: Explains the game modes, and hosts some events on boards when stopped at a Green Space.
  • Kalmar: Guide of the options mode.

Official profile from Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

Dream Depot Star Spirits: "Star Spirits from the Dream Depot, a dreamy world found far away in the starry sky."


Mario Party 5[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星の精
Hoshi no sei
Star Spirit
Spanish Espíritus Estelares Stelars Spirits
French Esprit étoile Star Spirits
German Hohe Sterne High Stars
Chinese 星之魂[1]
Xīng zhī Hún
Star Spirit


  • The Star Spirits, Goomboss, Whacka, and the Koopatrols are the only characters to originate in a Paper Mario game and appear again in 3D.
  • All the Star Spirits have visible mouths when they speak in Paper Mario; however, in Mario Party 5, none of them have a mouth.
  • The original Star Spirits closely resemble the character Starfy from the game series The Legendary Starfy.
  • In the North American release of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Starlow erroneously refers to herself as a representative of the Star Spirits, when she is actually a member of the Star Sprites.


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