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Alefgard FortuneStreet.png
Capital Tantagel
Inhabitants Humans, Monsters
First appearance Dragon Quest (1986, Dragon Quest series)
Fortune Street (2011, Mario series)
Latest appearance Dragon Quest Builders (2016, Dragon Quest series)
Fortune Street (2011, Mario series)
“I hear they kidnap princesses around here… I guess Bowser's not the only guy who’s into abducting royalty!”
Princess Daisy, Fortune Street

Alefgard is the setting of the game Dragon Quest, and is also featured in Dragon Quest II and Dragon Quest III. It also appears as a board in Fortune Street.


Captain N: The Game Master[edit]

Though the world based off Dragon Quest is referred to as Dragon's Den, elements from it and the Dragon Quest series appear in two episodes of Captain N: The Game Master such as the Dragonlord and some Slimes.

Fortune Street[edit]

Alefgard appears as a playable board in Fortune Street. In both sets of rules the board resembles the continent as seen in the Dragon Quest series, with four large landmasses and an oval shaped island in the middle. In Tour Mode the player needs to get first or second against Angelo, Birdo and Dragonlord.

Official description[edit]

  • Flag of USA.png "Homeland of the legendary hero, Erdrick. At its core, an island hosting the towering citadel of the Dragonlord."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アレフガルド
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