Dart of Gold

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Dart of Gold
Dart of Gold.png
Appears in Fortune Street
Time limit Unlimited

Dart of Gold is a minigame that appears in Fortune Street. To play the minigame, the player must land on an Arcade Square.


In Dart of Gold there are two dartboards: one that was pictures of various items and another that has the faces of all the characters in the current game. The player must first throw a dart at the dartboard with the items and then throw a dart at the board with the character to decide which character receives that item.

The items on the first dartboard are a coin, three coins, a chest, stock cards, a 1-Up Mushroom, and Bowser's emblem. The coin awards 10G per level, three coins award 30G per level, the chest awards 100G per level, the stock cards award 10 stock in a random district, the 1-Up Mushroom expands shops by 5%, whilst the Bowser emblem decreases them by 5%.


  • Two Button − Throw the dart.