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Colossus board in Fortune Street
First appearance Official:
Dragon Quest IV (1990)
Crossover Installments:
Fortune Street (2011)
Latest appearance Crossover Installments:
Fortune Street (2011)
Inhabitants Monsters
“Wah ha! That colossal statue scared me for a second! Stay right where you are, big guy...”
Mario, Fortune Street

Colossus is a dungeon in Dragon Quest IV and a board in Fortune Street.


Fortune Street[edit]

Colossus appears as a playable board in Fortune Street. In Easy Rules the board is made up of four ovals, the center ones are together, whilst the other two are apart from the main board and in Standard Rules the layout is almost identical, with the only difference being another oval at the bottom of the two center ones. To get to the two outer ovals, a character needs to either land on a Switch square which will swap the section with one of the outer ovals, or land on a Backstreet square. In Tour Mode, the player needs to get first against Alena, Kiryl and Princess Peach.

Official description[edit]

  • Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. "A statue as tall as the heavens, whose cavernous innards are riddled with monsters. Press the switches to flip portions of the map."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 魔神像
Demon Statue

Spanish El Coloso
The Colossus