Mt. Magmageddon

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Mt. Magmageddon
Mt. Magmageddon in Fortune Street
Mt. Magmageddon as it appears in Fortune Street
Appears in Itadaki Street DS
Fortune Street
Availability Unlocked by beating the first stage of Alena's scenario in Tour mode. (Itadaki Street DS)
Default (Fortune Street)
Description "A volcano perforated with caves that hide the crucial Circle of Fire. Press the switches to trigger eruptions and change the shape of the map."
Music sample
Itadaki Street DS:
Fortune Street:
“Bwah hah hah! Lava everywhere! The only way this could get better is if someone fell in!”
Bowser, Fortune Street

Mt. Magmageddon is a dungeon in Dragon Quest V and a board in Itadaki Street DS and Fortune Street.


Itadaki Street DS[edit]

The board is made of four intersecting sections with two suit squares each. Each section also contains one vacant plot each by default. If a switch square is landed on, all of the islands separate from each other and the only was to get to another island is to land on a backstreet square, a Magmalice square, or to land on another switch square which put all the islands back together again. In Tour mode, the player has to get at least second against Birdo, Princess Daisy, and Alena. Completing this condition allows it to be used in Free Play mode and unlocks Daisy as a possible opponent.


Type of square Number of squares
Bank 1
Shop 28 in 8 areas
3 in 4 areas
4 in 4 areas
Spade suit 2
Heart suit 2
Diamond suit 2
Club suit 2
Chance 1
Break 1
Vacant plot 4
Lucky 1
Casino 1
Warp 6
Switch 4
Magmalice 4
Total 59

Starting values, salaries & targets[edit]

The salaries in this board are as follows:

Starting value 2000 G
Basic salary 250 G
Promotion bonus 150 G x promotion
Default target 20000 G

Fortune Street[edit]

Mt. Magmageddon reappears in Fortune Street. In easy rules, the board is made up of three intersecting ovals with another section in the bottom-right. If someone lands on the switch square, the top-left section become isolated and the bottom-right section becomes connected. If someone lands on a switch square again, the board reverts back. Backstreet squares connect the two sections that can become isolated from the rest of the board. In standard rules, the board is identical to its Itadaki Street DS counterpart. In Tour mode, the player has to get at least second against Alena, Bianca and Princessa to beat the board. The background music has been changed to Dragon Quest V's dungeon theme, "Monsters in the Dungeon".


Type of square Number of squares
Standard rules Easy rules
The Bank Square from Fortune Street
A Shop Square from Fortune Street
28 in 8 districts
3 in Districts A, D, F, H
4 in Districts B, C, E, G
30 in 14 sections
Max length: 4
The Spade Square from Fortune Street
Spade suit
2 1
The Heart Square from Fortune Street
Heart suit
2 1
The Diamond Square from Fortune Street
Diamond suit
2 1
The Club Square from Fortune Street
Club suit
2 1
The Spade Change-of-suit Square from Fortune Street
0 2
The Venture Square from Fortune Street
1 0
The Take-a-break Square from Fortune Street
1 0
The Vacant Lot Square from Fortune Street
Vacant plot
4 0
The Boon Square from Fortune Street
1 0
The Arcade Square from Fortune Street
1 0
The Roll-on Square from Fortune Street
0 1
The Dragon Quest-themed Backstreet Square from Fortune Street
The Switch Square from Fortune Street
4 5
The Magmalice Square from Fortune Street
4 0
Total 59 43

Starting values, salaries & targets[edit]

The salaries in this board are as follows:

Standard rules Easy rules
Starting value 2000 G 2200 G
Basic salary 250 G 400 G
Promotion bonus 200 G x promotion
Default target 20000 G 10000 G

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 死の火山
Shi no Kazan
Death Volcano
Spanish Monte Magmagedón Mount Magmageddon