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This is a list of media files for the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.


Audio.svg A New Adventure Begins - Plays on the title screen.

File infoMedia:M&LSS A New Adventure Begins.oga
Audio.svg We're Off Again! - Plays on the file selection screen.

File infoMedia:M&LSS We're Off Again!.oga
Audio.svg Touch of Evil - Plays in Beanbean Castle Town after being destroyed.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Touch of Evil.oga
Audio.svg Prince Peasley's Theme - Plays in cutscenes involving Prince Peasley.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Prince Peasley's Theme.oga
Audio.svg Panic Theme - Plays in some cutscenes.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Fawful Music.oga
Audio.svg Bowser's Road - Plays in cutscenes involving Bowser.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Bowser's Road.oga
Audio.svg Cackletta, the Fiercest Foe - Plays in cutscenes involving Cackletta.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Cackletta, the Fiercest Foe.oga
Audio.svg A Journey Full of Laughs - Plays in the pre-credits cutscene.

File infoMedia:M&LSS A Journey Full of Laughs.oga
Audio.svg Going Home - Plays during the credits.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Going Home.oga
Audio.svg Mario is Everyone's Star - Plays in Mario's House.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Mario is Everyone's Star.oga
Audio.svg Peach's Castle - Plays in Peach's Castle.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Peach's Castle.oga
Audio.svg Stardust Fields Area 64 - Plays in Stardust Fields.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Stardust Fields Area 64.oga
Audio.svg Hoohoo Mountaintop - Plays in Hoohoo Mountain.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Hoohoo Mountaintop.oga
Audio.svg The Kingdom Called Beanbean - Plays in Beanbean Outskirts.

File infoMedia:M&LSS The Kingdom Called Beanbean.oga
Audio.svg Beanish People - Plays in Hoohoo Village and Beanbean Castle Town (before its first and second destruction).

File infoMedia:M&LSS Beanish People.oga
Audio.svg Chucklehuck Woods - Plays in Chucklehuck Woods.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Chucklehuck Woods.oga
Audio.svg Chateau de Chucklehuck - Plays in the Chateau de Chucklehuck.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Chateau de Chucklehuck.oga
Audio.svg Danger Abounds! - Plays during dangerous moments.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Danger Abounds!.oga
Audio.svg Woohoo Hooniversity - Plays in the Woohoo Hooniversity.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Woohoo Hooniversity.oga
Audio.svg Another Sky for Toads - Plays in Little Fungitown.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Another Sky for Toads.oga
Audio.svg Sea... Sea... Sea... - Plays in the Oho Ocean Seabed.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Sea... Sea... Sea....oga
Audio.svg Don't Dwell on Danger - Plays in Teehee Valley.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Don't Dwell on Danger.oga
Audio.svg Sweet Surfin' - Plays in Oho Oasis and Gwarhar Lagoon.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Sweet Surfin'.oga
Audio.svg Hold the Corny Jokes, Please! - Plays in the Fire Palace, the Thunder Palace, and Joke's End.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Hold the Corny Jokes, Please!.oga
Audio.svg Decisive Battleground - Plays in Bowser's Castle.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Decisive Battleground.oga
Audio.svg Climbing - Plays in caves, Beanbean Castle Sewers, and Guffawha Ruins.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Climbing.oga
Audio.svg Let's Go! - Plays during battles.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Let's Go!.oga
Audio.svg We Can't Lose! - Plays during boss battles.

File infoMedia:M&LSS We Can't Lose!.oga
Audio.svg The Marvelous Duo - Plays during battles against Popple and the second battle against Fawful (international versions).

File infoMedia:M&LSS The Marvelous Duo.oga
Audio.svg Fawful and Cackletta - Plays during Cackletta's first boss battle and the second battle against Fawful (Japanese version).

File infoMedia:M&LSS Fawful and Cackletta.oga
Audio.svg Time to Settle This! - Plays during during Bowletta's boss battle.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Time to Settle This!.oga
Audio.svg Showdown with Cackletta! - Plays during Cackletta's second boss battle.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Showdown with Cackletta!.oga
Audio.svg Win & Dance - Plays after winning a battle.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Win & Dance.oga
Audio.svg Jump! (Ground Theme) - Plays during minigames.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Jump! (Ground Theme).oga
Audio.svg To Challenge! - Plays during the Barrel and Chuckola Bounce minigames.

File infoMedia:M&LSS To Challenge!.oga
Audio.svg It's My Turn - Plays during Star 'Stache Smash.

File infoMedia:M&LSS It's My Turn.oga
Audio.svg Power Outage - Plays during the power outage at Starbeans Cafe.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Power Outage.oga
Audio.svg Professor E. Gadd - Plays during cutscenes involving Professor E. Gadd.

File infoMedia:M&LSS Professor E. Gadd.oga
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