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This is a list of media files for the game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.


Audio.svg Start of the Adventure - Plays on the title screen.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Start of the Adventure.oga
Audio.svg Our Story Begins - Plays on the file select screen.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Our Story Begins.oga
Audio.svg Cheerful Interlude - Plays during peaceful scenes.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Cheerful Interlude.oga
Audio.svg Falling to Pieces - Plays during cutscenes where trouble is happening.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Falling to Pieces.oga
Audio.svg Strange Things Afoot / Funny Goings-On - Plays in the first room in the game and during cutscenes involving Toadette or Crinkle Goomba.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Strange Things Afoot.oga
Audio.svg Good-Bye Sadness - Plays after the player defeats both Bowser Jrs. or both Kameks, after the Bros. Attacks are stolen by Nabbit and when the Wiggler "dies".
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Good-Bye Sadness.oga
Audio.svg What Happens Next? - Plays during cutscenes involving tension, as well as when Luigi is alone in Gloomy Woods.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ What Happens Next.oga
Audio.svg Just Passing Time / Passing Time - Plays before the camera goes into Peach's Castle in the intro, and in the ending cutscene.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Just Passing Time.oga
Audio.svg Steel Yourself / Prepare Yourself - Plays during tutorials. An arrangement of the tutorial theme from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, which is in turn an arrangement of the Ground Theme from Super Mario Bros.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Steel Yourself.oga
Audio.svg Do It Now! - Plays during lots of missions and in the Attackathon.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Do It Now!.oga
Audio.svg Bowser's Coming! - Plays during cutscenes involving Bowser or Paper Bowser.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Bowser's Coming!.oga
Audio.svg Respect Your Elders / Do You Know Who I Am? - Plays during cutscenes involving Kamek or Paper Kamek or the Koopalings.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Respect Your Elders.oga
Audio.svg Whispered Secrets - Plays during cutscenes involving Peach or Paper Peach.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Whispered Secrets.oga
Audio.svg Peach's Castle Theme - Plays in Peach's Castle. An arrangement of Inside the Castle Walls from Super Mario 64.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Peach's Castle Theme.oga
Audio.svg Springtime Breeze - Plays in Sunbeam Plains.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Springtime Breeze.oga
Audio.svg Uh-Oh, Sand Flow! / Sinking in Quicksand - Plays in Doop Doop Dunes.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Uh-Oh, Sand Flow!.oga
Audio.svg Epic Story - Plays in Twinsy Tropics.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Epic Story.oga
Audio.svg Behind Closed Doors - Plays in Twinsy Tropics Dungeon.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Behind Closed Doors.oga
Audio.svg Forest Fairy Melody - Plays in Gloomy Woods.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Forest Fairy Melody.oga
Audio.svg Mountaintop Secrets - Plays in Mount Brrr.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Mountaintop Secrets.oga
Audio.svg Mysterious Bowser's Castle - Plays in Bowser's Castle and during the battle against Papercraft Bowser.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Mysterious Bowser's Castle.oga
Audio.svg Holding Hands in the Darkness - Plays in Doop Doop Dunes Grotto and the Mount Brrr caves. An arrangement of the Underground Theme from Super Mario Bros.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Holding Hands in the Darkness.oga
Audio.svg Welcome to the Lakitu Info Center! / Welcome to the Lakitu Info Centre! - Plays in the Lakitu Info Center.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Welcome to the Lakitu Info Center!.oga
Audio.svg Teatime on the Clouds / Tea Time on the Clouds - Plays in the Arcade.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Teatime on the Clouds.oga
Audio.svg Floating Castle of Doom - Plays in Neo Bowser Castle.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Floating Castle of Doom.oga
Audio.svg Get Ready! - Plays when starting a Paper Toad mission.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Get Ready!.oga
Audio.svg Time's Running Out! - Plays during time-based missions, as well as missions involving chasing Nabbit.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Time's Running Out!.oga
Audio.svg Where's Toad? - Plays during Paper Toad missions where the player is required to search for Paper Toads.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Where's Toad.oga
Audio.svg Destination Unknown - Plays during puzzle-based missions.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Destination Unknown.oga
Audio.svg You Did It! - Plays when a mission is won.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ You Did It!.oga
Audio.svg Come On! - Plays during battles with Mario and Luigi only. An arrangement of the regular battle theme from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Come On!.oga
Audio.svg Mixed-Up Scramble - Plays during battles with Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Mixed-Up Scramble.oga
Audio.svg New Item! - Plays upon obtaining a new item.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ New Item!.oga
Audio.svg Big Bang! - Plays during boss battles.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Big Bang!.oga
Audio.svg Double Bowsers! - Plays during the battle against Bowser and Paper Bowser.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Double Bowsers!.oga
Audio.svg Final Battle - Plays during the battle against Shiny RoboBowser.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Final Battle.oga
Audio.svg Getting Stronger - Plays when a battle is won.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Getting Stronger.oga
Audio.svg Crowning Glory - Plays when a papercraft boss battle is won.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Crowning Glory.oga
Audio.svg Soldiers Marching / On the March - Plays during the cutscene before a papercraft battle.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Soldiers Marching.oga
Audio.svg Attack and Run! - Plays during papercraft battles.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Attack and Run!.oga
Audio.svg Mario Craft Rhythm - Plays while on the rhythm pad as Papercraft Mario.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Mario Craft Rhythm.oga
Audio.svg Luigi Craft Rhythm - Plays while on the rhythm pad as Papercraft Luigi.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Luigi Craft Rhythm.oga
Audio.svg Princess Peach Craft Rhythm - Plays while on the rhythm pad as Papercraft Peach.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Princess Peach Craft Rhythm.oga
Audio.svg Yoshi Craft Rhythm - Plays while on the rhythm pad as Papercraft Yoshi.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Yoshi Craft Rhythm.oga
Audio.svg Fire Mario Craft Rhythm - Plays while on the rhythm pad as Papercraft Fire Mario.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Fire Mario Craft Rhythm.oga
Audio.svg Paper Parade! - Plays during the staff credits.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Paper Parade!.oga
Audio.svg Say Good-Bye! - Plays over the Records screen after the credits.
File infoMedia:M&LPJ Say Good-Bye!.oga
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