List of Mario Kart Arcade GP DX media

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This is a list of media files for the game Mario Kart Arcade GP DX.

Course music[edit]

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Audio.svg Peach Castle - Music for Peach Castle.
File infoMedia:MKAGPDXPeachCastle.oga
Audio.svg Kingdom Way - Music for Kingdom Way.
File infoMedia:MKAGPDXKingdomWay.oga
Audio.svg Splash Circuit - Music for Splash Circuit
File infoMedia:MKAGPDXSplashCircuit.oga
Audio.svg Tropical Coast - Music for Tropical Coast.
File infoMedia:MKAGPDXTropicalCoast.oga
Audio.svg Bon Dance Street - Music for Bon Dance Street.
File infoMedia:MKAGPDXBonDanceStreet.oga
Audio.svg Omatsuri Circuit - Music for Omatsuri Circuit.
File infoMedia:MKAGPDXOmatsuriCircuit.oga
Audio.svg Aerial Road - Music for Aerial Road.
File infoMedia:MKAGPDXAerialRoad.oga
Audio.svg Sky Arena - Music for Sky Arena.
File infoMedia:MKAGPDXSkyArena.oga
Audio.svg Bowser's Factory - Music for Bowser's Factory.
File infoMedia:MKAGPDXBowserFactory.oga
Audio.svg Bowser's Castle - Music for Bowser's Castle.
File infoMedia:MKAGPDXBowserCastle.oga
Audio.svg PAC-MAN Stadium - Music for PAC-MAN Stadium.
File infoMedia:MKAGPDX PAC-MAN Stadium Music.oga
Audio.svg NAMCO Circuit - Music for NAMCO Circuit.
File infoMedia:MKAGPDX NAMCOCircuit.oga
Audio.svg Bananan Labyrinth - Music for Bananan Labyrinth.
File infoMedia:MKAGPDX Bananan Labyrinth.oga
Audio.svg DK Jungle - Music for DK Jungle.
File infoMedia:MKAGPDX DK Jungle.oga
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