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This is a list of media files for the game Super Mario World.


Audio.svg Athletic Theme - Yoshi's Island 3, Forest Secret Area, etc.
SMW Athletic BGM.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Athletic BGM.oga
Audio.svg Athletic Theme (Yoshi) - Yoshi drum beat when riding a Yoshi
SMW Athletic BGM (Yoshi).oga

File infoMedia:SMW Athletic BGM (Yoshi).oga
Audio.svg Bonus Screen BGM - Yellow Switch Palace, Bonus Switch Areas, etc.
SMW Bonus Screen BGM.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Bonus Screen BGM.oga
Audio.svg Bonus Screen Clear Fanfare - Conclusion
SMW Bonus Screen Clear Fanfare.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Bonus Screen Clear Fanfare.oga
Audio.svg Cast - After credits, the enemies found in the game are showcased.
SMW Cast.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Cast.oga
Audio.svg Course Clear Fanfare - Giant Gate
SMW Course Clear Fanfare.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Course Clear Fanfare.oga
Audio.svg Credits - Credits
SMW Credits.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Credits.oga
Audio.svg Egg is Rescued - After a Koopaling is defeated, Mario rescues the captive Yoshi Egg.
SMW Egg is Rescued.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Egg is Rescued.oga
Audio.svg Game Over - Game Over
SMW Game Over.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Game Over.oga
Audio.svg Haunted House BGM - Ghost House
SMW Haunted House BGM.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Haunted House BGM.oga
Audio.svg Invincible BGM - Superstar music
SMW Invincible BGM.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Invincible BGM.oga
Audio.svg Koopa Castle Emerges - When Sunken Ghost Ship is completed, there is a gate that opens up to Valley of Bowser.
SMW Koopa Castle Emerges.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Koopa Castle Emerges.oga
Audio.svg Koopa Junior BGM - Facing a Koopaling or Reznor
SMW Koopa Junior BGM.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Koopa Junior BGM.oga
Audio.svg Koopa Castle Clear - Music that plays right after Egg is Rescued
SMW Koopa Castle Clear.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Koopa Castle Clear.oga
Audio.svg Yoster Island - Yoshi's Island
SMW Yoster Island.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Yoster Island.oga
Audio.svg Overworld - Donut Plains, Twin Bridges, and Chocolate Island themes.
SMW Overworld.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Overworld.oga
Audio.svg Vanilla Dome - Vanilla Dome
SMW Vanilla Dome.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Vanilla Dome.oga
Audio.svg Native Star - Star World
SMW Native Star.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Native Star.oga
Audio.svg Forest of Illusion - Forest of Illusion
SMW Forest of Illusion.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Forest of Illusion.oga
Audio.svg Koopa Castle - Valley of Bowser
SMW Valley of Bowser.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Valley of Bowser.oga
Audio.svg Special - Special Zone (includes easter egg tune at around 2:00).
SMW Special.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Special.oga
Audio.svg Overworld Theme - Yoshi's Island 1, Donut Plains 1, etc.
SMW Overworld BGM.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Overworld BGM.oga
Audio.svg Overworld Theme (Yoshi) - Yoshi drum beat when riding a Yoshi
SMW Overworld BGM (Yoshi).oga

File infoMedia:SMW Overworld BGM (Yoshi).oga
Audio.svg Player Down - Losing a life.
SMW Player Down.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Player Down.oga
Audio.svg Princess Peach is Rescued - Rescuing Princess Peach
SMW Princess Peach is Rescued.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Princess Peach is Rescued.oga
Audio.svg Sub Castle BGM - Fortress and Castle themes.
SMW Sub Castle BGM.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Sub Castle BGM.oga
Audio.svg Sub Castle Clear Fanfare - Fortress, Castle, and Sunken Ghost Ship completed fanfare.
SMW Sub Castle Clear Fanfare.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Sub Castle Clear Fanfare.oga
Audio.svg Swimming BGM - Donut Secret 1, Soda Lake, etc.
SMW Swimming BGM.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Swimming BGM.oga
Audio.svg Swimming BGM (Yoshi) - Yoshi drum beat when riding a Yoshi
SMW Swimming BGM (Yoshi).oga

File infoMedia:SMW Swimming BGM (Yoshi).oga
Audio.svg Switch BGM - Coin Snake and P-Switch music
SMW Switch BGM.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Switch BGM.oga
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Audio.svg The Evil King Koopa BGM - Mario/Luigi faces Bowser for the first and second rounds.
SMW The Evil King Koopa BGM.oga

File infoMedia:SMW The Evil King Koopa BGM.oga
Audio.svg The Evil King Koopa BGM (final round) - Mario/Luigi faces Bowser for the last round.
SMW The Evil King Koopa BGM (final round).oga

File infoMedia:SMW The Evil King Koopa BGM (final round).oga
Audio.svg The Yoshi's are Home - In between Credits and Cast; Yoshi's House.
SMW The Yoshi's are Home.oga

File infoMedia:SMW The Yoshi's are Home.oga
Audio.svg Title BGM - Title theme.

File infoMedia:SMW.oga
Audio.svg Underground BGM - Donut Plains 2, Valley of Bowser 1, etc.
SMW Underground BGM.oga

File infoMedia:SMW Underground BGM.oga
Audio.svg Underground BGM (Yoshi) - Yoshi drum beat when riding a Yoshi
SMW Underground BGM (Yoshi).oga

File infoMedia:SMW Underground BGM (Yoshi).oga
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Video.svg Super Mario World - Speedrun of Yoshi's Island 2.
Play file
File infoMedia:SMW YI2.ogv
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