List of Mario's Super Picross media

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This is a list of media files for the game Mario's Super Picross.


Audio.svg Title
MSP Title.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Title.oga
Audio.svg Save Menu
MSP Save Menu.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Save Menu.oga
Audio.svg Mario Menu
MSP Mario Menu.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Mario Menu.oga
Audio.svg Wario Menu
MSP Wario Menu.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Wario Menu.oga
Audio.svg Mario Puzzle Select
MSP Mario Puzzle Select.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Mario Puzzle Select.oga
Audio.svg Wario Puzzle Select
MSP Wario Puzzle Select.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Wario Puzzle Select.oga
Audio.svg Mario Puzzle 1
MSP Mario Puzzle 1.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Mario Puzzle 1.oga
Audio.svg Mario Puzzle 2
MSP Mario Puzzle 2.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Mario Puzzle 2.oga
Audio.svg Mario Puzzle 3
MSP Mario Puzzle 3.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Mario Puzzle 3.oga
Audio.svg Mario Puzzle 4
MSP Mario Puzzle 4.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Mario Puzzle 4.oga
Audio.svg Wario Puzzle 1
MSP Wario Puzzle 1.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Wario Puzzle 1.oga
Audio.svg Wario Puzzle 2
MSP Wario Puzzle 2.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Wario Puzzle 2.oga
Audio.svg Wario Puzzle 3
MSP Wario Puzzle 3.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Wario Puzzle 3.oga
Audio.svg Wario Puzzle 4
MSP Wario Puzzle 4.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Wario Puzzle 4.oga
Audio.svg Game Over
MSP Game Over.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Game Over.oga
Audio.svg Completed Puzzle
MSP Completed Puzzle.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Completed Puzzle.oga
Audio.svg Fanfare
MSP Fanfare.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Fanfare.oga
Audio.svg Finished Opening Level
MSP Finished Opening Level.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Finished Opening Level.oga
Audio.svg Finished Level
MSP Finished Level.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Finished Level.oga
Audio.svg Finished Last Level
MSP Finished Last Level.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Finished Last Level.oga
Audio.svg Staff Roll
MSP Staff Roll.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Staff Roll.oga
Audio.svg Unused Song 1
MSP Unused Song 1.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Unused Song 1.oga
Audio.svg Unused Song 2
MSP Unused Song 2.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Unused Song 2.oga
Audio.svg Unknown Jingle
MSP Unknown Jingle.oga

File infoMedia:MSP Unknown Jingle.oga
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