World 3 (Dr. Mario World)

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World 3
DMW World 3 Map.png
Appearance Dr. Mario World
Levels 44
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World 3 is a beach world in Dr. Mario World. It introduces light blue viruses in its regular stages, which replace blue ones. This world also introduces Floatie Viruses, which must be matched three times and move to a random spot whenever matched. The second area introduces viruses fully encased in ice. When an area is cleared, Huckit Crabs and Goombas appear in the overworld.

Area 1[edit]

Image Stage Overview
DrMarioWorld-Stage81.png Stage 81 This stage introduces Floatie Viruses, which teleport to another part of the stage when matched. There are three of them at the bottom, with Viruses and Brick Blocks arranged in a checker pattern above. The brick blocks are all empty.
DrMarioWorld-Stage82.png Stage 82 A stage with small rows of viruses between Empty Blocks and brick blocks. There are two Lock Blocks that unlock rows of viruses, some with floaties.
DrMarioWorld-Stage83.png Stage 83 This stage has a circle of empty blocks, with three floatie viruses below it. Two sides of the circle have viruses around them, with a skill charger in the center.
DrMarioWorld-Stage84.png Stage 84 A horizontally-oriented stage with many brick blocks and sets of bubble viruses around them.
DrMarioWorld-Stage85.png Stage 85 A stage made up of diagonal lines of viruses and brick blocks that the player must get coins from.
DrMarioWorld-Stage86.png Stage 86 This stage has three lock blocks in the middle, with many caged viruses surrounding them.
DrMarioWorld-Stage87.png Stage 87 This stage has sets of viruses between sets of blocks on the sides, with a column of floatie viruses in bubbles blocked off by a row of brick blocks in the middle.
DrMarioWorld-Stage88.png Stage 88 A stage made up of three rows of viruses and blocks. The top and bottom rows have ice viruses surrounding an Exploder, while the middle row is made up of many regular viruses with two empty blocks.
DrMarioWorld-Stage89.png Stage 89 This stage has several brick blocks, with shells that can remove blocks, allowing bubble viruses and bubble lock blocks on the sides to float up. Caged viruses are found at the bottom of the stage.
DrMarioWorld-Stage90.png Stage 90 In this stage, the player must obtain coins from blocks. The stage has a huge set of brick blocks with exploders. There are shells on the right that can activate the exploders, breaking the brick blocks. This reveals spread-out blocks with coins, with the other blocks breaking.
DrMarioWorld-Stage91.png Stage 91 This stage has columns of bubble viruses enclosed in empty blocks, blocke doff by brick blocks. There are two sets of viruses surrounding an empty block at the top.
DrMarioWorld-Stage92.png Stage 92 A stage with sets of ice viruses at the bottom, with many brick blocks trapping exploders at the top.
DrMarioWorld-Stage93.png Stage 93 A stage with floatie viruses in bubbles blocked off by brick blocks, with more viruses between blocks above.
DrMarioWorld-Stage94.png Stage 94 This stage has a group of many viruses on the left, with two lock blocks. Two skill chargers appear in the center. On the right, there is a large set of caged brick blocks surrounding many caged viruses.
DrMarioWorld-Stage95.png Stage 95 This stage has ice viruses and exploders surrounded by blocks, with two long rows of viruses above.
DrMarioWorld-Stage96.png Stage 96 A stage with a large group of ice viruses in a diamond shape, with caged viruses surrounding them. A shell is in the center, with an exploder on each side. There are lock blocks at the bottom, with two of them caged.
DrMarioWorld-Stage97.png Stage 97 This stage has rows of brick blocks and ice viruses, with caged viruses at the top. A shell is at the bottom, and a skill charger is at the top.
DrMarioWorld-Stage98.png Stage 98 A stage with many bubble viruses and brick blocks arranged in upside-down L shapes.
DrMarioWorld-Stage99.png Stage 99 A stage with a large set of brick blocks containing viruses, caged viruses, and ice viruses each.
DrMarioWorld-Stage100.png Stage 100 In this stage, more of the stage comes in when enough of it is cleared. At the bottom is a row of bubble viruses, with viruses and brick blocks above, with a few floatie viruses at the top. Soon, a lock block will come in, with caged viruses on the sides.

Area 2[edit]

Image Stage Overview
DrMarioWorld-Stage101.png Stage 101 This stage introduces viruses fully encased in ice. They are arranged in four columns, with a column of exploders in the middle.
DrMarioWorld-Stage102.png Stage 102 A stage with many viruses fully encased in ice, arranged in the shape of a music note.
DrMarioWorld-Stage103.png Stage 103 A stage with four sets of viruses, with the top left fully encased in ice, and the top right in brick blocks.
DrMarioWorld-Stage104.png Stage 104 A stage with bubble viruses and brick blocks below two sets of caged viruses. Two lock blocks fully encased in ice appear in the middle column.
DrMarioWorld-Stage105.png Stage 105 A stage with two sets of ice viruses in the middle, along with a column of floatie viruses and brick blocks on the left. The player must collect 8 Virus Coins.
DrMarioWorld-Stage106.png Stage 106 This stage has bubble viruses surrounded by multiple layers of caged viruses, with lock blocks in the corners.
DrMarioWorld-Stage107.png Stage 107 A stage with two floatie viruses surrounded by more viruses. Above that is a set of viruses with blocks around them.
DrMarioWorld-Stage108.png Stage 108 This stage has two rows of caged viruses with four columns of caged viruses between them, all surrounded by viruses.
DrMarioWorld-Stage109.png Stage 109 A stage with two sections divided by a column of brick blocks, with ice viruses and bubble viruses below.
DrMarioWorld-Stage110.png Stage 110 This stage has brick blocks arranged in the shape of a house, with columns of exploders on the sides, and viruses inside and above. The player must collect 19 virus coins.
DrMarioWorld-Stage111.png Stage 111 This stage has viruses and caged viruses arranged in "L" shapes, with a lock block in each corner.
DrMarioWorld-Stage112.png Stage 112 A vertically-oriented stage with many ice viruses and caged viruses.
DrMarioWorld-Stage113.png Stage 113 A stage with several viruses fully encased in ice in a thick, diagonal line.
DrMarioWorld-Stage114.png Stage 114 This stage has two sets of blocks with viruses surrounding them, and two lock blocks in the corners.
DrMarioWorld-Stage115.png Stage 115 A stage made up of a square of viruses, ice viruses, and blocks with two shells at the top and bottom. The player must reveal 14 virus coins.
DrMarioWorld-Stage116.png Stage 116 The right side of the stage is made of caged viruses, and the left side is all brick blocks with three lock blocks and two floatie viruses.
DrMarioWorld-Stage117.png Stage 117 A stage with different types of viruses within a set of many empty blocks and brick blocks.
DrMarioWorld-Stage118.png Stage 118 In this stage, several viruses of different types and blocks surround a frozen shell and frozen exploders.
DrMarioWorld-Stage119.png Stage 119 This stage is vertically oriented, with a column of bubble viruses between empty blocks on the sides, and two columns of viruses in the middle, with the column's bottom halves caged.
DrMarioWorld-Stage120.png Stage 120 The last stage of the area 2, with more of the stage coming after enough is cleared. The first part is vertically-oriented, made up of columns of viruses on the sides, a column of ice viruses in the middle, and sets of blocks between. The second part is filled with brick blocks, with viruses between them and a skill charger. Completing this stage earns the player a free Staff Ticket.

Challenge stages[edit]

Image Stage Overview
DrMarioWorld-Stage3A.png Stage 3A Within a 100 second time limit, the player needs to eliminate all viruses. The stage is vertically-oriented. On the sides are columns of caged viruses with ice viruses above and below them. In the middle is two viruses surrounded by blocks, with a half-frozen lock block in the center.
DrMarioWorld-Stage3B.png Stage 3B Within an 80 second time limit, the player needs to eliminate all 8 floatie viruses. Above the rows of floatie viruses is a row and column of brick blocks, with empty blocks between. The floatie viruses can randomly spawn there, making them harder to eliminate.
DrMarioWorld-Stage3C.png Stage 3C Within a 57 second time limit, the player needs to eliminate all viruses. The stage is made almost entirely out of brick blocks, with only 6 viruses out in the open, 2 of them being completely frozen. Every brick block contains a virus.

Special Stage[edit]

Image Stage Overview
DrMarioWorld-SpecialStage3.png Special Stage This stage has brick blocks and empty blocks arranged like a checkerboard, with floatie viruses on the top and bottom. Completing this stage awards the player 1000 coins, and as of Version 1.2.0, Dr. Bowser Jr. is also awarded.