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June 18 Virus Vid thumbnail
The thumbnail for the first Virus Vid

Virus Vid is a series of short, daily videos depicting the viruses of Dr. Mario World – Red, Blue, and Yellow – engaging in various activities, aimed to promote the game prior to its planned release on July 10, 2019. The series began on June 18, 2019 (with three episodes released that day) and ended on Dr. Mario World's release day, with the episodes released in English and Japanese on Nintendo's mobile YouTube channel and the official Twitter accounts for the game.


Thumbnail Date Synopsis Twitter description Video
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 18 #1. June 18 This episode features a narrator who introduces the three viruses, stating "[t]hey could never seem to get together, but... they do seem to get along, somehow." Red is seen reading a book, Yellow is sleeping, and Blue is using a smartphone. The three viruses, Red, Blue, and Yellow, will share information with you starting today! [1]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 18 #2. The viruses balance on top of each other (with Red at the top) in an attempt to reach an all-red capsule tied to a rope above them. On their first two attempts, they fall over, leaving Red injured; on the third attempt, Red manages to reach it, though this causes both to disappear. Red: "Yowch! That hurt..." [2]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 18 #3. The viruses jump along a series of capsules as if they are stepping stones, with Red in the lead. When Red jumps on an all-red capsule, however, they disappear, causing Yellow and Blue to lose balance and fall over. Red: "That's all for now! Starting tomorrow, you'll see a new video from us every day." [3]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 19. June 19 Red is seen shaking uncontrollably due to a "tingling" sensation while holding an all-red capsule, wondering if it is pins and needles. Red: "What is that thing, anyway? It looks kinda familiar..." [4]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 20. June 20 Red is seen wearing Mario's mustache and mimics him by jumping into the air and shouting, "Here we go!" Blue claims the resemblance is close. Blue: "I suppose they do look similar..." [5]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 21. June 21 Red and Blue stand near a Warp Pipe wondering where Yellow is, while Yellow is seen emerging from the Warp Pipe and retreating back in just before Red and Blue look towards its direction. Yellow: "Shhh" [6]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 22. June 22 Red reads a book while Yellow vacuums the floor. Yellow accidentally sucks Red in with the vacuum cleaner as well as an all-red capsule, which eliminates Red. Blue then appears and says, "A little spring cleaning, I see?" Blue: "Wherever did Red go?" [7]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 23. June 23 The viruses are seen wearing baseball gloves and preparing to catch something, when an all-red capsule lands on top of Red, eliminating it. "The heart of the batting order: the 3rd, playing left field: RED! Next up, the 4th, playing center field, YELLOW! And last but not least, in right field, the 5th batter, BLUE!" [8]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 24. June 24 Yellow feels unwell as Red seeks assistance. Blue offers Yellow an all-yellow capsule, who touches it but claims that it feels "tingly." Yellow: "Baseball sure is tirin'..." [9]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 25. June 25 The episode continues from the previous, with Yellow feeling unwell and Red again calling for help. A door then opens revealing a silhouette of Dr. Mario holding a bottle of capsules. Red: "It's HIM!" [10]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 26. June 26 Blue activates a program on its laptop, which transports Red into the game itself. Yellow then appears asking Blue about Red's whereabouts, who claims Red is "somewhere." Red: "That...was...scary!" [11]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 27. June 27 The viruses are seen wearing ninja headbands, with Red and Yellow each creating a clone of themselves. Yellow then produces a yellow-blue pill, causing it and its clone to disappear, which Red misinterprets as Yellow successfully performing teleportation. Blue: "Sneaky, sneaky!" [12]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 28. June 28 The viruses are seen standing underneath a ? Block. Blue jumps up and hits it, revealing a Coin. Yellow does the same, revealing another Coin; when Red hits it, a blue-yellow capsule pops out instead. This episode promotes Super Mario Maker 2. Yellow: "Some kinda game that lets you make your own courses came out today. What's that all about?" [13]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 29. June 29 Yellow performs a prank wherein it asks Blue to turn its head while placing its finger on its cheek. When Red attempts to pull a prank on Yellow, an all-red capsule rolls towards Red and eliminates it. When the other viruses turn to see who poked Yellow, they can't see anyone and think it was a ghost. Yellow: "Aw, ya got me!" [14]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: June 30. June 30 Red and Yellow are seen carrying a large red-yellow capsule, with Yellow moving it towards a wall, pressing Red up against it. Red: "Only two colors matched? You're not getting rid of me!" [15]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: July 1. July 1 The viruses perform exercises in front of a large board depicting Dr. Mario (the game's app icon) labeled "Enemy NO. 1." The board eventually fall on top of the viruses, crushing them. This episode promotes the pre-registration period of Dr. Mario World's release. Red: "Pre-registration is open for the App Store and Google Play! If you're interested, look for the app's icon!" [16]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: July 2. July 2 This episode shows the viruses communicating via instant messaging, with Red and Yellow devising lyrics for the video series' background music ("Fever"). When Blue asks what should be the second verse, Red and Yellow are unsure. Yellow: "I think I might be good at this!" [17]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: July 3. July 3 Yellow and Blue swing towards each other on trapezes while Red spectates. After Yellow successfully catches Blue, Red attempts the trapeze; however, instead of swinging towards one of the other viruses, it latches onto an all-red capsule tied to a rope instead as it swings off-screen. Blue: "It's vital to release your legs at precisely the right moment!" [18]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: July 4. July 4 Red performs another impression of Mario while wearing his mustache. Dr. Mario's cloak then falls on top of the viruses, along with his stethoscope. Red: "Something fell on us" [19]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: July 5. July 5 Red and Blue dance to the background music while Yellow operates a DJ turntable in the background. "♪♪♪♪♪♪" [20]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: July 6. July 6 The viruses perform the background music with lyrics they devised in July 2's episode. [21]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: July 7. July 7 The viruses find a string hanging from the ceiling. Red pulls onto it, which turns off the lights but also causes an all-red capsule to drop on Red and eliminate it. When Yellow pulls the string to turn the lights back on and finds Red missing, Blue wonders where Red is. Red[sic] "We can't see the milky way unless we make it dark, you know..." [22]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: July 8. July 8 Red and Blue are seen standing on top of a red-blue capsule stacked on top of a blue-yellow capsule, next to a yellow-red capsule. Yellow tries to climb up to join them, but accidentally realigns the capsules so the red and blue halves are connected to their corresponding viruses, eliminating them. Yellow: "I just wanted us all to sit together!" [23]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: July 9. July 9 Yellow and Blue offer red-yellow and red-blue capsules disguised as bouquets to Red, who becomes hesitant in accepting them and suspicious about whether it will disappear if it does so. Yellow: "Tomorrow's the day! Me and Blue have a present for our pal Red for working so hard." [24]
Thumbnail for Virus Vid: July 10. July 10 Red, Yellow, and Blue light fuses using blowtorches, launching fireworks into the air before the setting transitions to a doctor's office-like setting, where the fireworks pop out of a red beaker (supposedly the setting for the entire Virus Vids series), while a caption appears reading, "A new game is here!"

Yellow: "It's here! The game is here!"
Blue: "And it is time to bid adieu to our Virus Vids"
Red: "Don't be sad, though! We're gonna stick around here to deliver the latest Dr. Mario World news!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きょうのウイルス
Kyō no Uirusu
Today's Viruses

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