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Handy box
A Handy Box
First appearance Dr. Mario World (2019)

A handy box is a stage feature in the shape of a ? Block from Dr. Mario World. These items only appear in stage mode. When a capsule matches is made next to them or that they are eliminated through skill or item, the handy box will randomly reveal a beneficial stage object, which could be one of the following items:

Dr. Toadette and Dr. Lakitu's stage mode skills change viruses or objects that can be eliminated (except capsules or coins) into handy boxes. The Random! stage item may also change a virus into a handy box. If the object converted into a handy box is a colored object (e.g. viruses, colorful crates), the object within the handy box will also have the same color. Handy boxes that are converted through a skill will not contain skill chargers, although the handy box generated by Random! can contain it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おたすけボックス
Otasuke Bokkusu

Chinese (simplified) 援助箱
Assistance box

Chinese (traditional) 援助箱
Assistance box

French Distriboîte
Portmanteau of distributeur (distributor) and boîtes (boxes)
German Hilfe-Box
Italian Cubo aiuto
Help boxes
Korean 구조박스

Portuguese Caixa de ajuda
Spanish (NOA) Caja de ayuda
Spanish (NOE) Caja de ayuda