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Score+ from Dr. Mario World
First appearance Dr. Mario World (2019)
Effect Increases the score by 10%.

Score+ is a bonus booster in Dr. Mario World. When used prior to entering a stage, it will increase the player's score by 10% of the base score rounded down, which excludes any score bonuses granted at the end of the stage such as through remaining capsules or assistant bonuses. Because of the extra points it grants, this item makes it easier to obtain stars for a stage. Players can get a free Score+ in the first area of World 1, and more can be earned when completing special events, namely Star Clear events and possibly one of the VS rewards. If there are no more free uses of this item, the player is required to spend 500 coins to use it, or if they don't have enough coins, 5 diamonds.

Because this item is used to boost a player's score, it is disabled and cannot be used when a stage has no score in display, such as during special stages or daily boosters.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スコアアップ
Sukoa Appu
Score Up

Chinese (simplified) 分数提升
Fēnshù tíshēng
Score Up

Chinese (traditional) 分數提升
Fēnshù tíshēng
Score Up

French Score +
Score +
German Punkte +
Italian Punti +
Korean 스코어 UP
Seuko-eo UP
Score Up

Portuguese Pontos+
Spanish (NOA) Puntos +
Spanish (NOE) Puntos +