Skill charger

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“This item, the skill charger, will charge up your skill meter. Let's try it out. First, match three pieces of the same color.”
Dr. Toad, Dr. Mario World
Skill charger
Artwork of a red skill charger

First appearance

Dr. Mario World (2019)

Effect on player

When matched, grants the player a fully charged skill meter.

Skill chargers are power-up items in Dr. Mario World. Represented by an energy drink, if obtained by matching at least two capsules the same color as it, they grant doctors access to a fully charged skill meter. It is related to the Skill Up, which grants a fully charged doctor ability on the stage and the Skill filler, where it can fully charge doctor abilities if players choose to use it. Some assistants can turn viruses into skill chargers at the stage start, most notably Honey Queen and Wiggler.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) Tecnidosis
Spanish (NOE) Tecnidosis
French Charger de talent Skill charger
German Talentlader Skill charger
Italian Carica abilità Skill charger
Portuguese (NOA) Habilidose Skill charger