List of Skill Summits in Dr. Mario World

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In version 2.0.0 of Dr. Mario World, the Skill Summit was introduced. For every two weeks (four weeks for the last 4 summits), the Skill Summit is refreshed, in which the mentors and stages are changed, and the rewards are refreshed. Whenever a Skill Summit expired, a new one will immediately start as soon as it ended. If a summit is played during this time, the player will only see the refreshed stages after the results screen. For the last summit, the player will be booted out of this mode after the results screen, with the message stating that it is closed. The only doctors that have never been mentors are Dr. Baby Daisy, Dr. Rosalina, and Dr. Nabbit.

The skill meter for each mentor represents the amount of capsules needed to be added to the stage before it is fully filled, in which case the next capsule will be occupied by the mentor, requiring their skill to be used before the player can add another capsule to the stage. The mentor's skills typically differ from the skill when used as a regular doctor, typically with reduced quantity, so for example, Dr. Yoshi would normally eliminate 5 random objects, but as a mentor, the skill eliminates 3 objects. For Special Summits, only two specific doctors are allowed, where at least one of them must be available before the player can play that stage. They are listed under the Eligible Doctors section.

Certain summits can scroll, where arrows point down at the top indicating that it hasn't finished scrolling yet. Many of these summits will scroll down one row at a time, while others will only scroll if the current set of objects, usually viruses, are cleared. For the latter, it is indicated by a number multiplied by that number of rows in the details below. So for example, if the scroll information is marked as "2 x 4 rows", it means that if the current set of objects are eliminated, four rows of objects will scroll at once, and will happen twice for that summit (including the first time it happened).

Some of the Skill Summit rewards provide the players with boosts (extra capsules, boosted score, and boosted skill charging speed) that last for 24 hours up to a specified world. The specified world could change during the period, and the time that it changes is mainly when a new world is introduced. For example, when World 31 was introduced while Skill Summit 22 was running, the specified world changes from World 28 to World 29. If the player gains another boost of the same type as a reward, the boost's duration will stack, meaning that it lasts for another 24 hours on top of the current one. The boosts can last even after the current Skill Summit expired, so if they are obtained on the last minute of the current summit, they will still count down until the duration is properly expired.

Skill Summits[edit]