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Caged coin
Caged Coin from Dr. Mario World
First appearance Dr. Mario World (2019)

A caged coin is an object in Dr. Mario World. Introduced in World 4, they are purple coins with the image of a virus imprinted on it and may be covered in cages.

Caged coins are coins that are locked inside cages, and it requires the purple coins that are not inside cages to be collected before they are unlocked. The purple coins that are not inside cages can be collected through making a capsule match near it or by eliminating it through skill or items. In most cases, caged coins are unlocked in batches and thus, there is a sequence in which caged coins are unlocked, meaning that collecting every available coin will only release some of the coins. The order in which caged coins are unlocked depends on the stage. Even though a caged coin may be listed in the stage preview, it does not necessarily mean that there are caged coins in the stage, where in some cases, every purple coin is unlocked. In versus mode, up to 12 of these purple coins can be sent to the opponent's stage by Dr. Baby Wario's skill.

Coins that are caged cannot be eliminated, meaning that for skills that target randomly or the lowest lines, it will be ignored unless the coins themselves are contained inside objects such as Brick Blocks. Dr. Petey Piranha's skill is the only non-targeting skill that do not ignore caged coins if any are at the bottom-most part of a column, even though they cannot be collected. Dr. Baby Wario's skill can also collect any purple coins that are not caged regardless of its state, but it cannot collect caged coins.

In-game description[edit]

  • "Caged coins can't be collected until you collect the coin that unlocks the cage."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 守られたコイン
Mamora Reta Koin
Protected coin
Chinese (Simplified) 受保护的金币
Shòubǎohù de Jīnbì
Protected gold coin
Chinese (Traditional) 受保護的金幣
Shòubǎohù de Jīnbì
Protected gold coin
French Pièces emprisonnée Imprisioned Coins
German Käfigmünze
Italian Moneta ingabbiata Caged coins
Korean 보호된 코인
Bohodoen koin
Protected coin
Portuguese Moeda presa Caged Coins
Spanish (NOA) Moneda enjaulada
Spanish (NOE) Moneda enjaulada