Capsule Blaster

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Capsule Blaster
Capsule Blaster from Dr. Mario World
First appearance Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (2015)
Latest appearance Dr. Mario World (2019)
Effect Eliminates capsules on the stage.

Capsule Blasters appear in Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure and Dr. Mario World, where their main function is to remove any lingering capsule pieces.

In Dr. Mario Miracle Cure, they are miracle cures, items that appear in the Miracle Cure mode when the gauge is full. They come in four varieties: Capsule Blaster R is red, Capsule Blaster Y is yellow, Capsule Blaster B is blue, and Capsule Blaster Z is white. When the appropriate color of Capsule Blaster is eliminated, any matching capsules of that color will all be eliminated, though in the white Capsule Blaster's case, every capsule will be eliminated in the stage. For the red, blue, and yellow Capsule Blasters, they work like capsules in that they need to form a line of four in a row or column in order to be eliminated, whereas the white Capsule Blaster is a wildcard and can substitute for any color.

In Dr. Mario World, they are in-stage items, where they are able to be used in the middle of playing a stage in Stage Mode. When used, they eliminate all lingering capsules on the stage. The first use of them is handed them for free by Dr. Toad when it was first available. These can be won as prizes in certain events such as through one of versus mode's rewards. If the player do not have any more of this item, it must be purchased with 2 diamonds should the player want to use another. Because of their low price, they are the cheapest option compared to the other special items. As of version 1.4.0, this item is removed from the game, instead being replaced by the Capsule Swapper. If a player has any remaining Capsule Blasters before updating to version 1.4.0, they will have the option to redeem that many Capsule Swappers from their inbox within 999 days since that version's release, though the game's services were taken off before that amount of days passed.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カプセル削除
Kapuseru sakujo
Capsule Elimination

Chinese (simplified) 消除胶囊
Xiāochú jiāonáng
Eliminate Capsule

Chinese (traditional) 消除膠囊
Xiāochú jiāonáng
Eliminate Capsule

French Paragélule
German Kapsel-Ex
Italian Anticapsula
Korean 캡슐 제거
Kaebsyul jegeo
Capsule Elimination

Portuguese Detonacap
Portmanteau of detonar (detonate) and cápsula (capsule)
Spanish (NOA) Anticápsula
Spanish (NOE) Anticápsula