Virus Blaster

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Not to be confused with Virus Buster.
Virus Blaster
A Virus Blaster R from Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure
First appearance Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (2015)
Effect Eliminates viruses of that color on the stage.

Virus Blasters appear in Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure, where they are miracle cures, whose main function is to remove any available viruses of that color. They come in three varieties: Virus Blaster R is red, Virus Blaster Y is yellow, and Virus Blaster B is blue. When the appropriate color of Virus Blaster is eliminated, any matching viruses of that color currently in the bottle will all be eliminated. The Virus Blasters work like capsules in that they need to form a line of four in a row or column in order to be eliminated, although they can also be eliminated by Exploders and Zappers.