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A +Zapper from Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure
First appearance Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (2015)
Effect Eliminates objects within the column and/or row.

Zappers appear in Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure, where there are miracle cures, whose main function is to remove any objects found in the same column, same row, or both depending on the type. This includes any virus, capsule, or other miracle cures. The Horizontal Zapper eliminates any object within the same row, the Vertical Zapper eliminates any object within the same column, while the +Zapper eliminates any object within both the same column and the same row as it. If used as a miracle cure obtained after filling the miracle cure gauge, they will activate after landing on an object, but if these are available within the stage, it will require an Exploder or another Zapper to activate.