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A Reverser from Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure
First appearance Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (2015)
Effect Inverts the left and right controls on +Control Pad for a short time.

Reversers appear in Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure, where they are miracle cures that appear exclusively in vs. battles. Their main function is to invert the controls for moving capsules left and right. After filling the gauge, the miracle cure will take effect as soon as the opponent placed their current capsule, after which the opponent's next capsule(s) have the controls changed. This effect lasts for about 10 seconds. The identity of this miracle cure is indicated by a circle with an exclamation mark inside, which could be either this, the Locker or the Booster. The aforementioned miracle cures can take effect concurrently, as long as their timers are not up.