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Capsule Boost from Dr. Mario World
First appearance Dr. Mario World (2019)
Effect Adds extra capsules prior to starting a stage

Capsule+ (also known as Capsule Boost) is a stage start item in Dr. Mario World. It gives players 5 extra capsules for use in stage mode. Free uses of this item could be rewarded from battle boxes or through certain events. If a player does not have any more free uses of this item, it requires spending 10 diamonds to use another. For timed stages, these items are replaced by Time+ boosters which are a separate type of item, so free uses of Capsule+ are not able to be used as a substitute. If a player fails a stage too many times in a row, Toad helps the player with a free use of it prior to version 2.0.0, while in subsequent versions the game would offer the player three of these items in diamonds for the price of two if the player did not complete the stage frequently. During a Power Boost Rally, players can use this item for free during the rally's period if they have beaten at least 3 stages in a row without losing or restarting.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 追加カプセル
Tsuika Kapuseru
Additional capsule

Chinese (simplified) 追加胶囊
Zhuījiā jiāonáng
Additional capsule

Chinese (traditional) 追加膠囊
Zhuījiā jiāonáng
Additional capsule

French Gélules +
Capsules +
German Kapseln +
Italian Capsule +
Korean 캡슐 추가
Kaebsyul chuga
Capsule Add

Portuguese Cápsula+
Spanish (NOA) Cápsulas +
Spanish (NOE) Cápsulas +