Handy Bottle

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Handy Bottle
Handy Bottle from Dr. Mario World. This image is squashed horizontally.
First appearance Dr. Mario World (2020)

A Handy Bottle is an object in Dr. Mario World. Introduced in World 19, they are bottles labelled with a specific object. They only appear in stage mode.

When a capsule lands without eliminating any objects, the handy bottle will fill up. An empty bottle requires five capsules to land before it is filled, though some bottles start out partially filled. When a Handy Bottle is filled, the labelled objects will be shot out at random locations. In some stages, the locations in which the objects are shot may be prioritized. The object(s) a Handy Bottle shoots out is based on what is labelled on it, which can include an exploder, a shell, a skill charger or a pop cannon. In some cases the objects are contained, such as being hidden in Brick Blocks. The amount of objects that a bottle shoots out depends on the size. A small-sized Handy Bottle that occupies one row and one column shoots out either one or two objects, a medium-sized Handy Bottle that occupies two rows and two columns shoots out either two or three objects, while a large-sized Handy Bottle that occupies three rows and three columns shoots out either three or four objects. With the exception of clouds, if a bottle is covered in an object such as ice or barrels, it will not be able to fill until the foreign object is removed. Moreover, when Dr. Rosalina's skill in rearranging capsules is active, landing a capsule won't fill the bottle.

In-game description[edit]

  • "Gradually fills with liquid as you play. When it fills up, the item on the label will pop out!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おたすけビン
Help bottle

Chinese (simplified) 援助瓶
Yuánzhù Píng

Chinese (traditional) 援助瓶
Yuánzhù Píng
Aid bottle

French Flacon à objet
Item Vials
German Hilfsflakon
Italian Boccetta oggetto
Item vials
Korean 아이템병
Item bottle

Portuguese Frasco terapêutico
Therapeutic Flasks
Spanish (NOA) Frasco
Spanish (NOE) Frasco