Capsule Swapper

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Capsule Swapper
A Capsule Swapper
First appearance Dr. Mario World (2020)
Effect Swaps the current capsule for a different one.

Capsule Swappers are special items in Dr. Mario World, able to be used in the middle of playing a stage in Stage Mode. They are introduced in version 1.4.0 and replaces the Capsule Blaster.

Capsule Swapper selected in Dr. Mario World
The number of options the player can choose is based on the colors of that stage.

When used, the player is offered different single-colored full capsules to choose from. After the player confirmed their choice, the current capsule is changed to the capsule they have picked. The first use of them is handed them for free by Dr. Toad. These can be won as prizes in certain events such as through certain skill summits or one of the VS rewards, or if the player has any unused Capsule Blaster items, they can be redeemed for that many Capsule Swappers. If the player do not have any more of this item, it must be purchased with 5 diamonds should the player want to use another.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カプセル色変更
Kapuseru Iro Henkō
Change capsule color
Chinese (Simplified) 胶囊兑换
Jiāonáng duìhuàn
Capsule Exchange
Chinese (Traditional) 膠囊交換
Jiāonáng jiāohuàn
Capsule Exchange
French Géluloswap Portmanteau of gélule (capsule) and swap
German Kapseltausch
Italian Cambiacapsula
Korean 캡슐 교체
Kaebsyul gyoche
Capsule Exchange
Portuguese Trocápsula Portmanteau of troca (swap) and cápsula (capsule)
Spanish (NOA) Cambiacápsulas
Spanish (NOE) Cambiacápsulas