World 1 (Dr. Mario World)

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World 1
DMW World 1 Map.jpg
Appearance Dr. Mario World
Levels 44
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World 1 is a grassy-themed world in Dr. Mario World which serves as a tutorial for the game. Prior to playing a stage, Dr. Toad guides the player through a tutorial stage. The first area, or the first 20 stages give the player infinite hearts. Players start out with Dr. Mario, where players can obtain Dr. Peach or Dr. Bowser by stage 11. Players earn their first assistant, the Goomba, by Stage 20, as well as unlocking versus mode. When areas are cleared, Toads of different colors appear, including purple, yellow, blue, green, and red. In the second area, Dorrie also appears after clearing it.

Area 1[edit]

Image Stage Overview
DrMarioWorld - Stage1.jpg Stage 1 A simple stage containing only red viruses.
DrMarioWorld - Stage2.jpg Stage 2 This stage introduces blue viruses along the red viruses.
DrMarioWorld - Stage3.jpg Stage 3 This stage introduces a third color of virus into the mix, the yellow virus.
DrMarioWorld - Stage4.jpg Stage 4 This stage has a long column and row of yellow viruses, with the two other colors of virus to the left and right of the stage.
DrMarioWorld - Stage5.jpg Stage 5 This stage introduces Brick Blocks, blocks that are eliminated when an adjacent feature, such as viruses or pills, are destroyed.
DrMarioWorld - Stage6.jpg Stage 6 This stage orients viruses and brick blocks horizontally as opposed to the vertical orientation of Stage 5.
DrMarioWorld - Stage7.jpg Stage 7 The stage orients viruses in a less consistent manner than previous stages, which also introduces Empty Blocks mixed in as obstacles. Rainbow capsules can be obtained in this level due to the increased number of matches required to obtain one.
DrMarioWorld - Stage8.jpg Stage 8 This stage introduces shells as stage features, objects that can eliminate items horizontally when activated.
DrMarioWorld - Stage9.jpg Stage 9 A stage where players can first obtain a fully charged skill meter, which lets doctors perform a special ability specific to them. Dr. Toad also gives a free Capsule+ item prior to starting this stage.
DrMarioWorld - Stage10.jpg Stage 10 At this stage, players have access to the rest of the items prior to starting a stage, the Skill Up, Score+, and Random. When players complete this stage, they can choose to be either Dr. Mario, Dr. Peach, or Dr. Bowser. By clearing this stage, this area of the world map gets cleared from viruses.
DrMarioWorld - Stage11.jpg Stage 11 This stage introduces Skill Chargers, energy bottles that grant doctors a fully charged skill meter when activated.
DrMarioWorld - Stage12.jpg Stage 12 The second stage to have a Skill Charger, with viruses in more varied positions.
DrMarioWorld - Stage13.jpg Stage 13 Three colors of shells appear in this stage, which need to be individually activated to remove viruses horizontal of it.
DrMarioWorld - Stage14.jpg Stage 14 This stage features long rows and columns of viruses and brick blocks, with two shells on the upper left region.
DrMarioWorld - Stage15.jpg Stage 15 This stage introduces Exploders, bombs that destroy objects in tiles adjacent to them when activated.
DrMarioWorld - Stage16.jpg Stage 16 This stage has long rows of viruses and brick blocks, with two exploders that need only a half capsule to be activated.
DrMarioWorld - Stage17.jpg Stage 17 This stage introduces viruses hidden in brick blocks, which get revealed when the block is destroyed.
DrMarioWorld - Stage18.jpg Stage 18 This stage has Dr. Toad giving players a free hammer, a special item that enables players to destroy a single tile.
DrMarioWorld - Stage19.jpg Stage 19 This stage has Dr. Toad giving players a free Capsule Blaster, a special item that clears all capsules from the stage at once. The stage features both exploders and shells.
DrMarioWorld - Stage20.jpg Stage 20 The last stage of the first area, the stage has Dr. Toad giving players a free Skill Filler, a special item that fills up a doctor's skill meter. The stage has exploders and all viruses hidden in brick blocks. When cleared, the rest of the first area in the world map gets cleared of viruses. Additional data gets downloaded when the stage gets cleared, and players do not have infinite hearts past this point. Players also obtain their first assistant, and versus mode gets unlocked.

Area 2[edit]

Image Stage Overview
DrMarioWorld - Stage21.jpg Stage 21 This stage introduces viruses partially covered in ice, which require a match to remove and another to eliminate viruses.
DrMarioWorld - Stage22.jpg Stage 22 All viruses are either partially encased in ice or hidden in brick blocks in this stage.
DrMarioWorld - Stage23.jpg Stage 23 The center items in this stage are all partially encased in ice, including the shells.
DrMarioWorld - Stage24.jpg Stage 24 The stage is vertically-oriented, with viruses partially encased in ice and a Skill Charger on the upper area.
DrMarioWorld - Stage25.jpg Stage 25 This stage introduces the objective of finding coins in brick blocks rather than the main objective being to eliminate viruses. Upon completion of this stage, players have access to the timed challenge stages, starting with Stage 1A.
DrMarioWorld - Stage26.jpg Stage 26 This stage contains many viruses hidden in brick blocks.
DrMarioWorld - Stage27.jpg Stage 27 A long line of exploders are in the center of the stage, which then activates the shell on top of the exploder.
DrMarioWorld - Stage28.jpg Stage 28 Many of the viruses are frozen in this stage, with two shells on the top. Empty blocks cover much of the viruses.
DrMarioWorld - Stage29.jpg Stage 29 Much of the viruses are hidden in brick blocks, with players having access to skill chargers.
DrMarioWorld - Stage30.jpg Stage 30 The second stage that requires players to obtain coins from brick blocks. The stage additionally has two exploders.
DrMarioWorld - Stage31.jpg Stage 31 There is an exploder in the central part of the stage, as well as having the central row of viruses partially encased in ice.
DrMarioWorld - Stage32.jpg Stage 32 The stage has viruses hidden in brick blocks and partially encased in ice. Players can obtain the Skill Charger at the bottom early.
DrMarioWorld - Stage33.jpg Stage 33 The stage has long rows and columns of viruses, some partially encased in ice. The shell can activated early on the left part of the stage.
DrMarioWorld - Stage34.jpg Stage 34 The red shell on the left area of the stage can be activated early to destroy the ice on the viruses as well as destroy the row of viruses blocking the viruses on the right portion of the stage.
DrMarioWorld - Stage35.jpg Stage 35 The third stage where the objective is to find coins. It features a long column of blue viruses on the left and right parts of the stage.
DrMarioWorld - Stage36.jpg Stage 36 This stage has no blocks, with some viruses being partially encased in ice. The stage features an exploder on the center, which removes the ice on the adjacent viruses and eliminates the remaining viruses resulting from opening up the exploder.
DrMarioWorld - Stage37.jpg Stage 37 This stage has many viruses hidden in brick blocks. Viruses of the same color are found adjacent to the exploders on the stage.
DrMarioWorld - Stage38.jpg Stage 38 This stage features a large amount of exploders and viruses hidden in brick blocks. The exploders on the lower rows remove the ice covering the viruses, while the upper row exploders start a chain reaction, revealing viruses hidden in brick blocks.
DrMarioWorld - Stage39.jpg Stage 39 The upper portions of the stage have many viruses of the same color clustered together. The upper center viruses require that players earn the Skill Charger blocking to remove them.
DrMarioWorld - Stage40.jpg Stage 40 The final stage of the world represented by a castle introduces viruses coming downward when enough get eliminated. It is vertically-oriented and primarily features red and blue viruses. Once it is cleared, the remaining area of the stage map gets cleared of viruses, and players can access World 2. Upon completion, players earn a free Staff Ticket.

Challenge stages[edit]

Image Stage Overview
DrMarioWorld - Stage1A.jpg Stage 1A Within an 80 second time limit, players need to eliminate all viruses. The stage is vertically oriented and it introduces pink viruses, which replace red viruses.
DrMarioWorld - Stage1B.jpg Stage 1B Within a 90 second time limit, players need to eliminate all viruses. The viruses form a circular shape on the center of the stage, with the inner-most viruses encased in ice.
DrMarioWorld - Stage1C.jpg Stage 1C Within a 90 second time limit, players need to eliminate all viruses. The viruses are more dotted across the stage with less regular patterns, with no blocks and some viruses being partially encased in ice. Players earn 1000 coins if they complete this stage.

Special Stage[edit]

Image Stage Overview
DrMarioWorld-SpecialStage1.png Special Stage This stage is split into four parts, with a row of viruses down the middle. Two parts are diagonally oriented and contain Brick Blocks, the other two have small spaces that the player must put half-capsules in. Red viruses are replaced with pink ones. Completing this stage awards the player 1000 coins, and as of Version 1.2.0, Dr. Toad is also awarded.