Dust virus

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Dust virus
Dust Virus from Dr. Mario World
First appearance Dr. Mario World (2019)
A dust cloud, as shown in-game.

A dust virus is an object in Dr. Mario World. Introduced in World 4, they are dust clouds that may contain viruses. Contrary to its name, the dust clouds may not always contain viruses, where it might contain other objects or have nothing inside it. Even if the dust cloud have nothing inside it, a capsule cannot occupy that spot until the dust cloud is removed. In order for the dust to be removed so that the object can be revealed, a capsule needs to be placed next to the dust cloud or an object next to the dust cloud needs to be eliminated. Dr. Waluigi's skill involves these dust clouds, in which he can eliminate up to 10 dust clouds in stage mode or change up to 15 viruses (10 viruses prior to version 2.2.0) on the opponent's stage into dust viruses in versus mode.

In-game description[edit]

  • "Can't tell what color a virus is because of all the dust? Place a capsule and see what happens!"