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Yellow Toad
Yellow Toad New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.png
Yellow Toad in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
Species Toad
First appearance New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009)
Latest appearance Mario Kart Tour (Snow Tour) (2021)
Latest portrayal Samantha Kelly (2009-present)

Yellow Toad[1] is a member of the Toad species who first appeared in the game New Super Mario Bros. Wii where he appeared as both a friend and ally to Mario and Luigi. He is a playable character within the multiplayer mode of the game along with Luigi and Blue Toad. He later reprised this role in New Super Mario Bros. U, and has also appeared in other games.


Super Mario series[edit]

New Super Mario Bros. Wii[edit]

NSMBW Small Yellow Toad Render.png
Yellow Toad jumping in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Yellow Toad appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii for the first time as a main hero and a playable character. The game begins as Princess Peach's birthday is being celebrated by the princess herself, the Mario Bros., Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad. During the festivities, a massive cake is brought into the castle. As Peach approaches the cake, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings emerge out of the icing and successfully kidnap Peach (at this point of time, Yellow Toad and the other heroes were stunned by the force released by the cake after it was thrown at the protagonists). Yellow Toad bravely follows closely behind the two Mario Bros. (with Blue Toad behind him) as they set off on a quest to save Princess Peach.

Throughout the adventure, Yellow Toad along with his allies would have to face many of Bowser's minions ranging from Goombas to Hammer Bros. Eventually at some points of a world, Yellow Toad would have to fight some of the mini-bosses in the games. These mini-bosses include: the Koopalings, Bowser Jr. and Magikoopa, who all have rather different fighting styles. Upon defeating all the mini-bosses, Yellow Toad would find himself at Bowser's Castle at the end of World 8. After going into the castle, Yellow Toad would have to fight Bowser himself. Eventually upon surviving the battle and causing Bowser to fall into defeat, Yellow Toad along with his friends would be able to save the princess. After freeing her from her cage, Peach would give a small kiss for Yellow Toad and the other heroes as a thank you for saving her. Upon receiving the kiss, Yellow Toad can be seen jumping in a joyful cheer beside an amused Peach.

In the ending sequence of the game, Yellow Toad can be seen riding a hot air balloon alongside Blue Toad and Luigi (though the latter has his own balloon). Once Luigi allows Mario and Princess Peach to ride in his balloon, they soon take off before he could get in; thus, causing him to be left behind. Fortunately, the two Toads invited Luigi to ride in their balloon for the journey back to Peach's Castle.

In this game, he was supposedly nicknamed Ala-Gold by Nintendo developers.[2]

New Super Mario Bros. U / New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe[edit]

Yellow Toad makes his next appearance in New Super Mario Bros. U. He regains his role as one of the main protagonists of the game along with Mario, Luigi and Blue Toad.

Within the game's introduction sequence, Yellow Toad is first seen alongside Blue Toad, the Mario Bros., and Princess Peach attending a lunch at the Peach's Castle. However, their peaceful meal is soon disturbed by the sudden appearance of multiple airships consisting of Bowser and the Koopalings. Using a giant mechanical arm (which extended itself from Bowser's airship into the main hall of Peach's Castle where the heroes were taking their lunch), Bowser pulled away Peach's chair from harm and instead aimed a mighty punch at Yellow Toad and his other three friends (causing them to be knocked out). Seizing the opportunity, Bowser used the mechanical arm to scoop up Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, and the Mario Bros., and threw the heroes far across the Mushroom Kingdom. Upon crashing into the Super Acorn Tree (consisting of many Super Acorns) and falling back to the ground with a powerful force, the four heroes soon get up and see Peach's Castle getting invaded by Bowser's forces in the far distance. Deciding to take action against Bowser and his minions, Yellow Toad and his friends run across the plains in the start of a new adventure.

Yellow Toad reappears in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. In this game, he is referred to as simply "Toad" and can be switched with Blue Toad when holding L or ZL (SL when playing with a single Joy-Con).

New Super Luigi U[edit]

Yellow Toad returns as a playable character within the multiplayer mode of the expansion pack game New Super Luigi U. Very much like in New Super Mario Bros. U, Yellow Toad journeys through the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Peach once again along with the help of Luigi, Blue Toad, and Nabbit. Yellow Toad is affected by Luigi's distinct physics, having higher jumps yet lower traction. Yellow Toad also scuttles, much like the other playable characters.

Super Mario-Kun[edit]

Propeller Yellow Toad on the cover of the forty first issue of Super Mario Kun.

Yellow Toad along with Blue Toad are featured in the forty first and forty second issues of Super Mario-Kun. As the story is based on New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the two Toads are introduced as Mario's new accomplices. Throughout the adaption of the two issues, Yellow Toad plays an important role by journeying alongside Mario, Luigi, and Blue Toad on their quest to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser and his forces.

Both Yellow Toad and Blue Toad are seen in their propeller forms on the cover of issue 41.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam[edit]

Yellow Toad appears on two Character Cards in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. The LV2 Duo Card (Luigi + Toad) shows the New Super Mario Bros. Wii artwork of Yellow Toad in his Propeller form pulling Luigi upward; when used, the card increases the amount of experience points earned after battle by 50%. The other card, a LV1 Toad card, shows Yellow Toad in Flying Squirrel form; when used, it deals 35 damage points to all airborne enemies on-screen.

Mario Sports Superstars[edit]

In Mario Sports Superstars, Yellow Toad is a playable character in soccer and baseball in his Flying Squirrel and Penguin forms respectively. He also appears in two different collectible cards in these forms.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

The Flying Squirrel Toad spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate uses the New Super Mario Bros. U artwork of Yellow Toad's Flying Squirrel form.

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

Main article: Penguin Mario § Mario Kart Tour

Yellow Toad in his Penguin Suit, referred to as Penguin Toad, appears as a High-End driver in Mario Kart Tour. His special skill is the Dash Ring.

Other appearances[edit]

Yellow Toad and the other New Super Mario Bros. Wii heroes were shown as some of the featured characters in the Nintendo 3DS tech demo. He was shown wearing the Propeller Suit in the demo as like in the original game's box art. The 3DS tech demo screen of New Super Mario Bros. Wii (featuring Yellow Toad and his friends) is later an obtainable puzzle in the Puzzle Swap mode of StreetPass Mii Plaza.

Yellow Toad, along with Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Miis, are also seen as playable characters in the Wii U tech demo New Super Mario Bros. Mii.

Yellow Toad alongside Blue Toad, Mario, Luigi, the Koopalings, and various other characters from New Super Mario Bros. Wii made cameo appearances in the Wii game Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Minna de Party Sandaime where the characters can be seen dancing to the various tracks featured in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

While Yellow Toad is absent from Super Mario 3D World (as he was replaced by Princess Peach in that game), when Toad grabs a Fire Flower, he uses the same color scheme as Fire Yellow Toad.

General information[edit]


Unlike the other Toads in the game (with the exception being Blue Toad), Yellow Toad is shown to be an extremely noble character as seen in the intro of New Super Mario Bros. Wii where he ran right after the Mario Bros. to help them on their quest to save Princess Peach. He even went on to fighting the several bosses in the game including Bowser himself at the end (something that most Toads would rarely do considering their fear over Bowser).


In comparison to Blue Toad, Yellow Toad has a much higher pitched voice that is very much like the voice that the Yellow Toad of the Toad Brigade had in Super Mario Galaxy, who also sounded higher pitched in comparison to the other Toads in the game. However, the voices of Yellow Toad and Blue Toad were changed, with Blue Toad having a higher pitched voice while Yellow Toad has a lower pitched voice.


Yellow Toad in his Flying Squirrel form in New Super Mario Bros. U

As with the other playable characters, Yellow Toad demonstrates an extremely versatile moveset, consisting of traditional moves such as the Ground Pound, Spin Jump, and Wall Jump in addition to simpler moves. Regardless of his size, he is able to pick up and carry heavy items and objects as well as other characters with unlimited stamina. He is able to any use items the other characters are capable of using and interact with these characters. His stats are balanced so as not to provide an advantage.

Regardless of his current power-up and item inventory, Yellow Toad usually retains some yellow in his color scheme. His Propellor Suit, for instance, is yellow, as well as his Squirrel Suit. Any additional outfits he dons also tend to feature his emblem on the side.

Any items and power-ups added throughout the series are available for Yellow Toad, giving him the abilities as they would any other character.


New Super Mario Bros. Wii[edit]

  • European website bio: As loyal servants to the Mushroom Kingdom throne, there's no way the Toads are about to sit back and watch Bowser and Co. bring their unsavory schemes to fruition. Toads have aided Mario on plenty of adventures in the past, but this time around they're not just letting Mario know the princess is in another castle - they're coming along for the ride!
  • Trading card description: What started as a regular day has become the quest of a lifetime for this loyal footman. When the kindhearted Princess Peach is whisked away by brutal Bowser, Yellow Toad rises to the occasion to save her. Help for this loyal footman comes in the form of valuable power-ups, like invincible Star power, flying ability, and Yoshi's Eggs that take Yellow Toad on the ride of his life!

Card Number: 4 (Normal), F4 (Silver), F37 (Gold)

New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

  • American website bio: This Toad is no chicken! Step into his shoes and join Mario on a quest to restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe[edit]

  • North American website bio: A stalwart resident of the Mushroom Kingdom, Toad's always happy to lend a hand to his friends.



Sprites and models[edit]



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きいろキノピオ
Kiiro Kinopio
Yellow Toad
Chinese (Simplified) 黄奇诺比奥[3]
Huáng Qínuòbǐ'ào
Yellow Toad
Chinese (Traditional) 黃奇諾比奧[4]
Huáng Qínuòbǐ'ào
Yellow Toad
French Toad jaune Yellow Toad
German Gelber Toad Yellow Toad
Italian Toad Giallo Yellow Toad
Korean 노랑 키노피오
Norang Khinophio
Yellow Toad
Spanish Toad Amarillo Yellow Toad


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