Kannon's Klaim (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest)

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Kannon's Klaim
World-Level 2 - 2
World Crocodile Cauldron
Game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Music Mining Melancholy
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Kannon's Klaim is the seventh level of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. It is the second area of Crocodile Cauldron.

This is the first level to take place inside of a mine shaft. Throughout much of the level, the Kongs find themselves climbing the shaft with the use of many Auto Fire Barrels that can shoot them a short distance into the air. Due to the barrels not shooting them high enough to progress to each platform, they must shift to the left or right while in mid-air to reach another Barrel Cannons to help them advance further. The featured enemies here are none other than Kannons, who are a persistent threat throughout the level. Mini-Neckies also mark their return from the original Donkey Kong Country and they try to attack Diddy and Dixie Kong by swooping down at them. The mine is also populated by several Neeks, Krunchas, Flitters, Klomps and Zingers, who have also appeared in previous levels. A unique part of this level is that it is the only level outside of the Lost World to have its DK Coin hidden within a Bonus Level (the actual prize of the Bonus Level is still a Kremkoin).

The music featured in this level, and the other Mine levels, is called "Mining Melancholy".

Level layout[edit]

Dixie Kong grabs some bananas in the air

The Kongs begin the platform on a wooden platform with two Neeks walking along it. There is an Auto Fire Barrel above here that can blast the heroes up to a DK Barrel and then back down onto the platform. If the heroes head to the end of the platform, they can find some bananas hidden above an abyss that form that shape of an arrow pointing east where a Bonus Barrel is located. An Auto Fire Barrel is also near here that can blast them onto a higher platform with a barrel-shooting Kannon on it. A Banana Bunch is to the left of the platform in the air, while a hook is above the platform for the heroes to grab onto. They can find an Auto Fire Barrel above the Kannon, and it can be used to blast them to another barrel, which can then send them onto a solid platform with two Neeks and a Kruncha on it. To the right of these foes, they can find a pair of explosive TNT Barrels. After the primates pass the Kruncha, they can find a few Auto Fire Barrels ahead of them that they must use to blast over a wide abyss. The letter K and some bananas are above the barrels, which are followed by a small platform with two Klomps on it.

An Auto Fire Barrel is above them that can shoot the Kongs onto a platform with a Kannon on it. They can use the barrels shot by this foe to reach a nearby DK Barrel placed high in the air. Several Auto Fire Barrels are to the right of the Kannon, and the heroes must use them to rise through the level. As they shoot upwards with the barrels, they reach a Flitter that is surrounded by a Zinger. They can use the Flitter to bounce to a hidden set of barrels that can shoot them in a circle to many bananas and a Banana Coin. If the primates shift to the left when the blast out of the Auto Fire Barrel to the left the previously-mentioned Flitter, they can land in another barrel on the main path of the level. They can use this barrel and the barrels ahead of it to reach a platform higher in the level. As they approach this platform, they come up to a Flitter that they must bounce on to cross a gap between two of the barrels. Once the platform is reached, the heroes can find a TNT Barrel and another platform that supports a barrel-shooting Kannon. The letter O is high above this platform, which is followed by two more platforms. The first of the platforms holds a Klomp, while the next one carries a Kannon that shoots kannonballs at the Kongs. If the heroes shoot upwards with the Auto Fire Barrel above this foe, they can reach a platform with a DK Barrel on it and a Star Barrel over it.

Dixie Kong shoots out of an Auto Fire Barrel

A Zinger is to the left of here, and it guards an Auto Fire Barrel that can shoot the heroes towards more Auto Fire Barrels. As they travel to the west above an abyss with these Auto Fire Barrels, they must also watch out for a few Zingers. Soon, the primates reach a barrel that can blast them higher up to a platform that holds a TNT Barrel. As they head across this platform, a Mini-Necky dives at them. After they pass the enemy, they reach a Zinger that guards two Auto Fire Barrels. The first of the barrels is aimed to the north towards a higher platform, while the second, which floats under a Banana Coin, is positioned towards the first barrel. They can use the first barrel to blast onto the higher platform, where they can find two Mini-Neckies, a DK Barrel, and, to the left of the platform, a Bonus Barrel. A platform is to the right of here that sits under an Auto Fire Barrel, which can blast the heroes past a Zinger and to some more Auto Fire Barrels. These barrels shoot them in a curvy path into many bananas and then into one last barrel that can shoot them a small distance into the air.

A platform and a Zinger is to the left of this barrel, and the platform holds a TNT Barrel. Another platform is ahead of here that supports a Kannon that shoots kannonballs to attack. The duo can find an Auto Fire Barrel behind it that can blast them upwards to more barrels. As they climb upwards through the shaft with these barrels, they must watch for a few Zingers that hover over the barrels. Soon, the primates are blasted onto a solid platform with a Mini-Necky near it. A platform is placed to the right of this foe that holds a Diddy Barrel with the letter N above it. The Diddy Barrel can blast Diddy Kong, but not Dixie Kong, to a few Auto Fire Barrels that can fire them in a circle to many bananas and a Banana Coin in a hidden area. To the left of the aforementioned Diddy Barrel, the heroes can find a trio of Auto Fire Barrels lined up under a Zinger that hovers over them. If they manage to dodge this enemy and reach the last of the three barrels, they are blasted upwards onto a platform with another Auto Fire Barrel above it. A gap is to the right of here, and on the other side of it, the heroes can find a hidden platform with a barrel-shooting Kannon and a Bonus Barrel on it. If the primates enter the nearby Auto Fire Barrel, they are shot up to a platform with a treasure chest that contains the letter G on it. As they head across the platform, Mini-Neckies attack them. There are two more platforms ahead of here, and once the heroes reach the second of the platforms, they can find an End of Level Target with a Golden Feather (found exclusively in the Game Boy Advance version of the game) above it. If they hit the target, they complete the level successfully. Additionally, they can bounce off of a nearby Mini-Necky and then hit the target to win a prize from it.



K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Diddy Kong jumps to the letter O
  • K: After the heroes shoot through the two Auto Fire Barrels after the first Kruncha in the level, they can find the letter K to the right of them above the two barrels.
  • O: The letter O is located above the platforms placed under the area with the level's Star Barrel in it. It is high above the platform that holds a Kannon that shoots barrels at the Kongs.
  • N: Not too long after the heroes pass the second DK Barrel from the level's Star Barrel, they can find a Diddy Barrel with the letter N above it.
  • G: Shortly after the heroes pass the area with the third Bonus Barrel, they can find a treasure chest that they can throw at an enemy to break open an reveal the letter G.

DK Coin[edit]

  • In the first Bonus Level, the heroes must travel east and use Dixie Kong to hover across a large abyss, instead of going through the barrel above. When Dixie hovers to the other side of the pit, she can find a DK Coin on a platform.

Warp Barrel[edit]

  • The primates should roll off of the edge of the platform that holds the first Kruncha and then jump to the right to land in an invisible Warp Barrel, which does not appear visible until entered. It leads them to a small Bonus Level, where they can find a mine shaft-themed area with a group of bananas in it that form an exclamation mark. If they head to the end of this area, they are taken back into the main level next to the End of Level Target.

Golden Feather (Game Boy Advance version only)[edit]

  • At the end of the level, the group should see the Golden Feather above the End of Level Target. They can either jump on a Mini-Necky and bounce high enough to grab it, or use their Team-up move (where both Kongs are needed) to throw one another up to grab it. They should be able to get the feather after performing one of those moves.

Photograph (Game Boy Advance version only)[edit]

  • After the monkeys find the letter N over a Diddy Barrel, they should head west and shoot through several Auto Fire Barrels. Once they reach a small platform, the Kongs must jump to a hidden platform to the right of them, which Diddy can only reach with the use of the flying barrels from a nearby Kannon. Once the heroes reach the platform, they can find the previously-mentioned Kannon, who sports a camera icon over its head. They should defeat the Kannon to gain a photograph of a Kannon for the third page of their scrapbook.

Bonus Levels[edit]

  • To find the first Bonus Level, Dixie Kong must travel east from the start of the level. Instead of jumping in the barrel above, she should hover off of the platform to the right. There are bananas in the form of an arrow pointing to a nearby Bonus Barrel, which she can access to be sent into a Bonus Level. In the bonus, Diddy and Dixie must climb up to the top platform by hopping into barrels with pictures of their faces on them. Dixie can only go in barrels with her face on it, and Diddy Kong can only go through barrels with his face on it. A DK Barrel is provided at the beginning of the bonus if one of the Kongs are missing. Once they both alternate sides and get to the top of the Bonus Level, they can discover a Kremkoin. They have 30 seconds to complete this Bonus Level.
  • Starting at the Star Barrel, the heroes should head across an area full of Auto Fire Barrels to soon reach a solid platform with another Auto Fire Barrel and a Zinger to the right of it. Once they shoot onto a higher platform with this barrel, they can head over the abyss to the left to find a Bonus Barrel that leads to a Bonus Level. Here, they must shoot to the top of the area with the use of many Auto Fire Barrels, until they get to the top, where a Kremkoin waits to be collected. They have 25 seconds to complete this bonus.
  • After the Kongs reach the letter N, they must travel west and shoot through three Auto Fire Barrels under a Zinger. When they land on the platform above here, Dixie Kong must hover to the right. There is a platform with a Kannon on it to the right of here, as well as a Bonus Barrel, which leads to the third Bonus Level. Here, the group needs to bounce along several Flitters to cross a wide abyss and reach the Kremkoin at the end of the area. They have only 10 seconds to reach the special coin.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タルタルこうざん
Tarutaru kōzan
Barrel Barrel Mine
Spanish Terreno de Kannon Kannon's Land
French Complainte de Kannon Kannon's Complaint