K. Rool Duel (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest)

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K. Rool Duel
Level code 7 - BOSS
World The Flying Krock
Game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Boss Kaptain K. Rool
Music track Crocodile Cacophony
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K. Rool Duel is the first final boss level of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. In this level, Diddy and Dixie Kong face Kaptain K. Rool in order to save Donkey Kong. The battle takes place inside K. Rool's airship, the Flying Krock.


Fight on The Flying Krock
Diddy fighting Kaptain K. Rool

Upon entering the ship, K. Rool is seen attacking the tied-up Donkey Kong with his blunderbuss. Once he notices Diddy and Dixie, Donkey Kong is raised offscreen and K. Rool turns his attention to them. This is only seen the first time the stage is accessed; on repeat playthroughs, the battle begins immediately.

The fight starts with K. Rool shooting a kannonball out of his blunderbuss. The Kongs must jump over K. Rool as he propels himself and throw the kannonball into K. Rool's blunderbuss while its suction is active. If successful, he will fire it back while it explodes in his face. K. Rool launches a spiked kannonball onto the middle of the battlefield, then he slides across the stage twice. After this, the kannonball's spikes will retract and K. Rool can be attacked again, causing him to then launch two spiked kannonballs on the floor and slide across the stage three times. After this, only one of the kannonballs retracts its spikes. After the third hit, K. Rool will fall briefly. During this, both the tied-up Donkey Kong and a DK Barrel will appear just before K. Rool gets back up. Following this, K. Rool will launch nine spiked kannonballs and a barrel, which has a non-spiked kannonball that can be used against K. Rool. At first, these kannonballs fly straight, but come out at different heights. After K. Rool is hit, they will start bouncing, at high, low, and moderate heights alike. After another hit, they will move slowly and circle through the air, with the last six kannonballs coming out in pairs. After six hits, K. Rool will fall over again, revealing both Donkey Kong and another DK Barrel until he gets back up again. K. Rool launches three blue gas clouds that can freeze the Kongs. After that, K. Rool will slowly propel himself across the floor, then does it again while being invisible, though the dust treading across the floor shows his current position. A kannonball will appear, and after being hit by it, K. Rool will start shooting red gas clouds that can temporarily slow the Kongs if they touch them. Following this, K. Rool will shoots three spiked kannonballs before another regular kannonball appears. After that, he will shoot slow, rotating, purple gas clouds, which invert the directional controls. Then, he will start vanishing and reappearing next to the Kongs and attempting to pull them toward him. Once he does this four times, a kannonball will spawn before he reappears again. After nine hits, K. Rool falls over and the Kremkoin is obtained. He gets back up yet again, but this time, Donkey Kong breaks loose and punches him, knocking him out of the Flying Krock. He lands in Krem Quay and ends up in Krocodile Kore.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese けっせん!キャプテンクルール
Kessen! Kyaputen Kurūru
Decisive Battle! Kaptain K. Rool
French Duel Avec K. Rool Duel with K. Rool
German K. Rool-Duell K. Rool Duel
Italian Duello con K. Rool Duel with K. Rool
Spanish Duelo con K. Rool Duel with K. Rool


  • When Diddy or Dixie lose a life in the boss battle, their theme for losing a life does not play. The "Crocodile Cacophony" theme continues playing until returning to the world map. This reason behind this is due to a programming bug that keeps the tune from playing.[citation needed] This also applies to Diddy's and Dixie's victory themes. The theme for losing a life does play during the Game Boy Advance version.
  • In the SNES version, a few notable objects appear in the scenery:
    • A giant Super Nintendo controller. Similar to Monkey Museum, the buttons had a different color based on the regional release: purple in the North American version and red, blue, yellow, and green each for the PAL and Japanese releases.
    • A black flag with the Kremling Krew symbol.
    • A few Giant Bananas, which are large bananas originating from completing a boss stage in Donkey Kong Country.
    • A few oil containers, also as seen in Donkey Kong Country is found in the ship's far left corner
    • A black floaty tube similar to that of the Hover Craft in the sequel, Donkey Kong Country 3
  • The door located to the far left is bust open in the PAL release, but remains undamaged in the North American release as well as the Game Boy Advance version.