Windy Well (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest)

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This article is about a level in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. For a level in Donkey Kong Land 2 of the same name, see Windy Well (Donkey Kong Land 2).
Windy Well
Windy Well.png
World-Level 6 - 2 (SNES)
6 - 4 (GBA)
Game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Music Mining Melancholy
Notes This level brings back the wind from Gusty Glade, and blows the Kongs up the level.
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Windy Well is the twenty-ninth level of the game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (thirty-first of the Game Boy Advance remake). It is also the second area (fourth in the Game Boy Advance remake) of K. Rool's Keep.

Taking place in the final mine shaft of the game, the Kongs will notice strong winds that pull them up through the level when they jump. The wind in this level will become very important to the Kongs' quest, as it is needed to reach the top of the shaft. Although helping them though, the wind also can be a disadvantage, as it will not allow them to backtrack when they are at a certain floor. Because of this, they are unable to reach certain Bonus Barrels that are already passed, as well as the DK Coin. Kutlass, Kannons, Krooks, Klobbers, Zingers, Click-Clacks, Flitters, Spinys, a single Klampon and a single Kruncha all dwell in this mine.

Level layout[edit]

When they start the level, the heroes must cross a few gaps and try not to fall off the small platforms between them, as the Click-Clacks on them can be quite an obstacles. Soon, they monkeys must jump up and be lifted upwards by the strong winds. When they get on the platform above, the heroes must ascend again and sneak between some Zingers to get to another platform. Here, they will have to dodge a Kutlass and cross a gap. They will then get to a hook, which must be hopped off of for the wind to pick them up again.

The Kongs must travel around many Zingers as they come up to the next platform, where they must then jump between several Zingers without being pulled into them by the winds. The group must make their way east, and jump off of a hook to journey even higher. When they avoid all the Zingers and get to the next platform, they will need to jump up again and travel higher. This time, they will meet only a few Zingers, although they will encounter a Krook, too, and he can be a big hazard if they aren't careful.

At the platform above this foe, the Kongs must ascend to a barrel and shoot up to a few more platforms. The monkeys' time on solid ground won't last long through, because they will have to jump yet again and wind travel to another platform. They will have to go west from here, however, there is a large wall of three Zingers blocking their path. So, they should carefully float under these foes with the wind, and get to the next platform. Jumping here will cause the wind to pick them up again, and drag them to an area cluttered with all kinds of Zingers. Once these foes are all passed, the monkeys will land on a platform with the Star Barrel on it.

Halfway through the level, the Kongs must climb up a few more platforms and watch ot for a couple of Krooks. Soon, they will have to journey east, although there are several Zingers in the way. They must jump between the foes as they move back and fourth. This would normally be easily, however, the wind will pull the heroes up to the top Zinger, so it can be tricky. Once passed this area, the heroes must jump up again to get to glide up to another platform. Several prizes float above them at this point, but they shouldn't get them, and instead travel west, where they will have to cling onto some hooks, then jump off. The wind will pick them up and take them to a higher floor. When they travel upwards, though, they must be careful, as there are Krooks hanging around on the sides. The heroes must try to avoid the hooks thrown at them, and shortly after get to the platform above. Here, they should follow the banana trail to another platform, and then jump at this point to be lifted up by the wind again.

As the Kongs ascend, they will encounter many Zingers flying all around. They need to use their skills to get away from the wasps, and then land on a small platform. Right after landing on it, though, they should hop again and by pulled higher. They will have to make their way to the platform in the far corner of the area then, and hop west. The wind will pick them up, by not pull them too high. Instead, it will keep them at a certain level, as the heroes slide under the nearby group of Zingers. After passing these foes, they must make a turn in direction, and ascend north. As they go, they will need to watch out for several Zingers and finally make it back up to land. But, they have to jump again here, and travel higher into the mine shaft. Four Krooks will be throwing their weapons at the Kongs as they float upwards, followed by a swarm of Zingers that must be avoided at all cost. Finally, though, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong will make it to the highest platform, where they must walk east and cross a small gap. The End of Level Target is nearby, and they should hit it to exit the level.


Bonus Levels[edit]

  • A little while before the Star Barrel, the group will pass a Krook and land on a platform with a DK Barrel above it. They monkeys should head left from there and end up on a platform with a Kruncha and a Banana Coin. If they cartwheel under the platform with the Kruncha on it, they will go around a Zinger and onto a lower platform with the Bonus Barrel on it. The monkeys will have to enter the barrel to get in the Bonus Level. Here, they must jump up to the banana trail above and by blown upwards to a hook. From there, they must bounce off a several Flitters to land on a platform with the Kremkoin on it.
  • At the very end of the level, they Kongs will notice a Kutlass and a Klobber on a platform under the End of Level Target. They should go around the platform they are on to reach the foes, and beat the Klobber. With the barrel this enemy was in, the monkeys must defeat the Kutlass nearby, and enter the Bonus Barrel behind him. It will take them to the Bonus Level, where they must grab onto Squawks the Parrot and ride through the bramble area. There are stars placed in the center of the bonus that must be collected. When all is obtained, the heroes must grab the Kremkoin.

DK Coin[edit]

After the Kongs pass a few Krooks in mid-air, they will be a on long platform with three bananas above them. Normally, they would jump up to grab the bananas and be pulled upwards by the wind, but this time, they should jump off the platform to the right. Then, they must slowly be pulled by upwards by the wind, while will lead them up to a few Zingers. The monkeys must head east in the air avoid touching one of the foes. If they go far enough east, they will come up to the DK Coin, and then be able to get back up on the platform above.

Golden Feather (Game Boy Advance version only)[edit]

At the start of the level, the heroes must get to the platform with the first DK Barrel above it. They should not jump up to hit the barrel, but instead cartwheel under it. They will grab the Golden Feather when they do this, and then be shot back to the platform by a Blast Barrel.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かぜのこうざん
Kaze no kōzan
Windy Mine
Spanish Pozo Ventoso Windy Well
French Gouffre Glacial Icy Chasm
German Windhöhle Wind Cave