Nordic Combined

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Nordic Combined
Luigi competing in both rounds of Nordic Combined
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo DS)
Type Skiing
Info Compete in a two-part event; first being the ski jumping competition, followed by a cross-country skiing race. The winner of the ski jumping competition starts the cross-country race first, followed by other athletes who's starting times (time difference) are converted from their ski jumping scores. To win this event, the athlete must cross the finish line first in the final cross-country race.
Compete in two events consecutively.
First half: Ski Jumping
Second half: Cross-Country
Controls Start: Slide up
Jump: Slide up
Balance: Touch left/right
Land: Slide down

Nordic Combined is a Skiing Event that appears in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. It is set in the Whistler Olympic Park. The objective of the event is to finish the Cross-Country race first. The starting course record for this event is 15:19.552.


In this event, the player plays each half of the event separately from one another, starting with the Ski Jumping section and finishing with the Cross-Country. In the Ski Jumping half of the event, the player starts by sliding upwards on the Touch Screen. The player can start holding on the Touch Screen earlier to build up energy and perform a faster start, and can perform a starting dash if they begin charging energy when "2" appears onscreen and then slides up with perfect timing when "Go!" appears. Once the event has started, the character will accelerate down the hill and the player must then slide upwards as they reach the edge of the jump to take off. The closer to the edge that the player slides, the better their jump will be and the more distance the character can achieve. The angle at which the player slides upwards also affects the quality of the jump and therefore the distance, with angles closest to the upward vertical line giving the best jumps. Once in the air, the player must balance their character by touching either the left or right side of the Touch Screen, depending on which side the character is overbalancing, and may potentially need to hold to offset poorer balance. The character's balance in the air will also affect airtime and the distance achieved. As the character approaches the ground, they must slide downwards on the Touch Screen to land, with better timed landings awarding more points. For each jump, the player receives a score based on their balance, distance and landing, with their total score after two jumps deciding their placement in the event. After the Ski Jumping, the player begins the Cross-Country half by receiving a random boost from a roulette, with the boosts being stamina charges, which increase the character's starting stamina level, sprint charges, which give the character fully charged sprints at the start of the event or no boost at all. The characters who ranked lower in the Ski Jumping will receive a penalty before starting, which the player must deplete by repeatedly pressing A Button. To start the event, the player must press A Button, though they can hold it down beforehand to charge up energy and perform a faster start, and if held down from when "2" appears onscreen and released when "Go!" appears, the player can perform a starting dash which will give them a large boost of speed for a short amount of time. Once the event has started, the player can move up and down using +Control Pad, aiming to remain in the lanes to preserve their stamina, however the player is able to freely move anywhere on the course. The player can accelerate by repeatedly pressing A Button, though this will use up their stamina. The player only has a limited amount of stamina that depletes over time, which is represented in a heart gauge, and the player cannot accelerate and will travel at a much slower speed when the gauge is empty. When on downward slopes, the player can hold B Button to crouch, which causes the player to accelerate, their stamina to be refilled and the sprint gauge to fill. The player can gain a similar advantage by staying in the slipstream of another character. The player can also ski through recovery areas on the track which replenish stamina and fill the sprint gauge. Over time, the sprint gauge fills up and allows the player to earn up to two sprint icons, which can be used by pressing X Button and grants the player a large boost of speed for a short amount of time. The character that completes both laps of the course first is the winner.


1st half[edit]

Rule Info[edit]

Get points for distance, form and landing timing. Players compete for the highest combined score after two jumps. Your rank will determine your penalty time in Cross-Country.

Basic Controls[edit]

  • Slide upwards to start!
  • Slide upwards to jump!
  • Touch a side of the Touch Screen to balance!
  • Slide downwards to land!
  • Land the perfect timing for the Telemark form!

Advanced Tips[edit]

Touch and hold the Touch Screen on "2" and
slide upward at "GO" for a starting dash!
Slide upwards in a quick, straight line
for a jump that nets you more distance!

2nd half[edit]

Rule Info[edit]

The second half of the competition is Cross-Country. Racers start in the order of their rank in the jump. Before the race, you have a chance to obtain "skills" by spinning the wheel!

Basic Controls[edit]

  • Press the A Button to start!
  • Use the +Control Pad up and down to move.
  • Mash the A Button to use stamina to accelerate!
  • Stop mashing to recover stamina!
  • Stay in a lane to retain stamina and accelerate.
  • It's slower and more tiring between lanes.
  • Hold the B Button to crouch!
  • Crouching on down slopes makes you accelerate!
  • The sprint gauge rises in recovery areas.
  • You can get up to two or three sprint icons!

Advanced Tips[edit]

On "2" in the starting count, press and hold
the A Button for a starting dash!
Skate behind an opponent for a slipstream!
It refills your sprint gauge and stamina!
Press the X Button when you have
sprint icons to unleash a burst of speed!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノルディック複合競技
Norudikkufukugō kyōgi
Nordic Combined
French Combiné nordique Nordic Combined
German Nordische Kombination Nordic Combined
Spanish Combinación Nórdica Nordic Combination